Cuban Cars For Sale: The Ultimate CC Classifieds

Cubisima chevy

CC reader Maarten sent me this link to, Cuba’s on-line marketplace for cars, among other things. Now that the rules on buying and selling cars are being relaxed, there’s an incredible assortment of Curbisde Classics for sale. There’s over a thousand Chevrolets alone, like this 1950 sedan. It’s got a Mercedes OM 615 engine (200D or 220D), Lada five-speed gearbox, and a Chevrolet rear axle. Price: 12,000 CUC (Convertible Peso = $1.00 US).  Not enough power (55hp)? How about a ’55 Chevy with a five-cylinder Mercedes diesel under the hood?

Cubisima chevy 55

This ’55 not only has a five cylinder Benz, but also Aire acondicionado, automatic, xenon headlights, tinted windows and a host of other amenities to bring it into the 21st century. This one’s a bit pricier, at 26,000 CUC. If you’re tired of craigslist trolling, head on over to for some fresh MM fodder. The only question is how to get it out of the country. Like this?

Cuba floating buick