The Holy Grail Peugeot 404 Is For Sale: Do I Or Don’t I? (Updated)

I just got an e-mail from the owner: the Peugeot 404 I found and wrote up is for sale. And the asking price ($3500) seems  reasonable enough (half of what I was quoted at the time). It’s got 58,210 original miles, has always been garaged, and is in quite decent shape. (Portland craigslist ad here). So why I haven’t I jumped on it first? Time. You’re going to say: “go for it, Paul. Make time; it’s a once in-a-lifetime opportunity to own almost the same car you had in your younger days”! True. But I can’t make more time, something has to give. So here’s the deal: it’s either the 404 or Curbside Classic.

Update: That’s an unfair question. Truth is, I just can’t properly keep up with all my houses and the current fleet. It’s tempting, but what am I going to do with it? No garage space. No time to mess with it. Now if it was a wagon, I’d consider selling my Xbox and using it instead as a daily driver. Still….

Update 2: It sold within hours. It was a good opportunity to get a clean 404. But no regrets; I decided that several of the commentators were right: I’d rather experience a new car sometime in the future rather than re-live one from the past. Thanks for all the good comments.