The Latest From The CC Cohort

It’s raining out, so I’m inside, but before I draw up my foundation plans, let’s take a look at the most recent batch of submissions at the CC Cohort Flickr page. There’s a slew of terrific catches, including a couple of real exotics. But I’m going to start with this shot of a ’61 Cadillac coupe shot in NYC by wooriegi for two reasons: the ’61 coupe is one of my favorites of that brand, and the setting and condition of the car makes this shot special for me. There’s something about defying the forces of destruction that NYC streets endlessly mete out, and it also reminds me of so many aging Caddys I used to see at the curbs in front of brick row houses in the inner city of Baltimore in the late sixties and early seventies.

Now here’s a real exotic, a genuine Checker Aerobus. As the name suggests, these were used as airport limousines and other duties that today’s big vans and mini-buses now undertake. These Aerobuses weren’t just Checkers with an extension grafted into the center of their frames; they rode on a special heavy duty frame, and that crude rear-wheel cutout was to make room for a wider axle and oversize tires. You can read my whole Checker history here. This shot was sent in by junkharvester, who plies the back roads of Oregon.

Here’s another by junkharvester, with a couple of Taskmaster Chevy trucks still at work.

Here’s another exotic, shot in a highly appropriate setting. An Amphicar, lashed down on the deck of a big yacht, alongside another tender. Just the thing for getting around the various ports of call. This one by wooriegi.

Our most active Cohort contributer, larsupreme, has a number of supreme additions to his many others. I’m particularly jealous of this one, a 1962 Plymouth Fury. I’ve yet to come across either a Dodge or Plymouth of that infamous year, but hope springs eternal.

He also posted this shot of someone taking their 1940 Chevy out for a spin, in what looks like Golden Gate Park(?).  I see a certain pattern in his shots…

I did a CC of a ’69 Ranchero quite recently, but this blazing orange one couldn’t help but catch my eye, especially since there’s another orange Ford pickup in the background. I have a thing for twofers, as well as orange.

One last shot of a lovely ’63 Bonneville, this one again by larsupreme. I’m out of time for today, but please do check them all out here. Thank you all for an enjoyable diversion. Now back to those foundation drawings…