The Official CC Garage: No, Mr. Goodwrench Doesn’t Work Here

So you finally took the plunge, bought a one-way ticket to Eugene, and rode in a beater Toyota Previa taxi to the Official CC Sales Lot to buy the Curbside Classic of your dreams.  But before you head back to I-o-way or whatever rust-bucket hole you came from, better head to the Official CC Garage. Yes, our cars are fully warrantied for a full six blocks or six minutes, whichever comes first. But that might not do the job for the long ride home. Our expert grease monkeys will carefully go through your car (as well as your luggage) to improve the odds of an uneventful trip, at least as far as Springfield (it’s across the river). And we can refer you to one of our franchisees there, should your CC need further ministrations.

While you’re waiting to get that fine Celica checked over (I myself wouldn’t bother bringing one of them in), take a look around to see what we’ve got sitting around in the lot; there’s some might fine classics out there. None are finer than this ‘Bird, which is missing its shaker hood scoop. No problem; the guys are fabbing one up out of a five-gallon bucket and a truck inner tube.

Here’s an eclectic collection; slant noses, and a mighty blunt one. We’re gonna clear coat that Chevy to seal in that genuine Oregon patina.

Big or small, we service them all. Our truck expert says that Bimmers aren’t really all that different from Cummins, seeing that they’re both in-line sixes.

Here’s a gem we’re prepping for a client that wants to really move out. Just the thing; a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker. That thing got a hemi? Damn straight, at least for now.

This thing is the bomb, and after we get done with it, it will go like stink.

Good thing it has power steering, ’cause it might not feel any too good to have to put much elbow grease on that wheel.

That’s genuine hemi-power indeed. But we’re having a bit of trouble getting it to run just right, so we’ve got a Chevy 350 out back that we’ll swap in. Much easier to work on, and that 700 lbs. of steel and iron will fetch a decent price at the scrapyard, enough to take the boys to McDonalds for lunch. I doubt the client will know the difference.

That’s not just any old New Yorker either, but a Deluxe!

Check out that fancy emblem; wonder if the owner would notice if I pulled it off. It would look right at home on my Brougham.

One of these decades we’ll get these F-Bodies going again. Meanwhile, they do enhance the prestige of our property.

Even got the new one too! That’s our parts chaser sitting next to it. We need something reliable for that.

Never mind that old Chrysler–here’s our real pride and joy, a genuine GTO.

We’re having a bit of trouble with the front end. That famous “Endura” plastic bumper isn’t exactly aging all that well.

The paint just doesn’t want to stay put anymore, but what the hell? We’ll just get a chrome Tempest bumper and paint it up. Who’ll notice the difference?

So what can we do you out of today?