The Roadside Cemetery: Found Off Road, Dead

I was driving along just minding my own business and looking for BiTurbos, when I came across what appears to be a small business that caters to folks like us.  A yard full of (mostly) Fords in various stages of disrepair.  The best stuff is not in the the first few pictures. It appears that the yard full of derelicts is the company’s stock. 

Here we have three ’55 Fords – two hardtops and a wagon. The El Camino has a missing grill which makes me just narrow it down to ’78 or later. I think the green truck is a ’64 Ford and the white one seems to be a ’68.  The GM at the end looks to be an early ’80s Chevy or GMC pickup.

There are not a lot of Tin worms here in East Texas but the pictures prove that they do exist. This place is a few miles west of Huntsville, Tx. on Hwy 30.

It had been a while since I had seen so many (almost) complete dead Fords at one time.

I guess this building is the vault because it’s were they kept their jewels. I assume these are examples of the final result and probably they both started out in the yard.  I think this black Ford is from 1966 and the Lark is a ’59 or ’60.  The Lark could also be a later model; I know jpcavanaugh can tell us the exact year.  I’m sure that Studebaker tried to use up their inventory of old parts before they quit.

It’s running across stuff like this that makes driving around fun.  Even at $3.50/gallon.