CC Outtake: Just Hire An Ugly Old…1981 C10

I still remember the time when I was on an air conditioning call and the lady decided to compliment me for my service. She said that when she wanted work done she normally tried to find an ugly old man because she knew the job would be done right. I did have a surcharge for the privilege of making compliments like that. However, I knew what she meant and feel much the same way about trucks. If you cannot see why this truck deserves the same sort of compliment, read on.

This truck currently resides at the same car lot/mechanics shop where I found the 1957 Studebaker a couple weeks ago. We don’t have many tin worms down here so this will probably continue to happen a lot. I’m pretty sure this truck is qualified as old. I make it to be an 81 because of the grill and single headlights. It might not really be ugly but it is a plain old truck with no pretense of being pretty. I very much like the looks and the dings and dents are minimal. You have a choice of 50 years or so of engines that work. In Texas at 25 years you are done with the sniffer test. Just has to have the mandated equipment attached.

It probably couldn’t find fuel economy with a dictionary but it wouldn’t cost much to keep on the road. The 10 on the side makes it a half ton but that’s a joke. I think this truck has the energy to haul anything most of us have the energy to load. Like an old man, it might be slow and old but I believe it will get the job done just the way the lady wanted.