The Volvo Junkyard: Organ Donors Keeping Their Swedish Brethren On The Road

Yes, old Volvos are the official car of Eugene, the posterboys of everything that defines a true Curbside Classic. They’re everywhere, at least a couple per block, in the right parts of town. But although old Volvos are seemingly immune to the ravages of time, that’s not the case with traffic accidents. So this is where many of them end up, in the boneyard behind Eugene’s Volvo institution, Trackside Auto Repair. And there’s one of my long-time favorites, that rainbow-hued blue sedan. I’ve been wondering what became of you!

Does this make you Volvo lovers sad or happy? At least their vital body parts are going to a good cause: to keep all those other old Volvos on the road, for another half century, at the current rate .

All the major Volvo generations are on display here, except of course the PV444/544. Good luck finding junkyard parts for those.

Coupes too: here’s a 780 Bertone.

True confessions: here’s where I found the last 242 Bertone Coupe for the CC I did on it.

Trackside Automotive has been keeping Volvos on the road here for some 27 years, so it stands to reason that having one’s own parts yard out back makes more than a bit of sense.

Oops; who let you in here? Well, it certainly is brick shaped.

I can tell your eyelids are getting heavy; sleep in peace.