CC Travel: Cuba – The American Classics

Back in 2017 I was lucky enough to visit Cuba. I have hundreds of photos, so we will split this into three parts to share some of the best of them. First up is the old American iron, as this is what Cuba is perhaps most famous for.

A well worn 1958 Dodge Kingsway in Havana during our day trip to that city.

Classic ’54 Chevy in Varadero, Cuba.

1955 Dodge Custom Royal which is a trim line on the Lancer. A Lada lurks nearby.

A 1955 Buick sedan spotted from the bus. Almost every passenger vehicle is a taxi or for hire car in Cuba especially the classics. Most are re-powered by alternative engines, often a diesel.

1951 Chevrolet four door sedan with roof rack and unique two tone paint.

A 1950s Ford with what looks like a Russian grill, perhaps from a Chaika.

Havana has wonderful old buildings as well as cars.

How about a 1957 Ford with two tone paint? A modern Suzuki Jimny is visible behind it.

A 1956 Buick Special, also with a two tone paint scheme, in Varadero.

Studebaker Champion Starlight coupe in less than perfect shape but still on the road. It is rare to see a two door likely because they make less practical taxis.

A 1956 Ford sedan in good condition.

Bright colors are common, as with this 1947 Chevrolet convertible at the front of a taxi line-up. There were a few Ford Model replicas cars as seen at the end of this line.

A 1954 Chevrolet near the Malecon in Havana.

1956 Oldsmobile sedan.

1955 Pontiac sedan in purple. Cubans certainly prefer the brighter hues.

An older Plymouth in front of a Lada.

Here is a choice of taxis including a 1956 Ford station wagon. The other two are modern Chinese offerings.

A 1952 Chevrolet station wagon likely on an alternative chassis.

Back in Havana, a 1949-1952 Pontiac convertible despite the Oldsmobile badge. Interesting hub caps on this one.

1959 Plymouth in pink.

Modified 1940s Chevrolet?

1955 Mercury convertible.

Beefy underpinnings on this Chevrolet panel van.

Some cars are even painted in traditional taxi yellow.

We hired this 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air and its driver for the day to take us to Havana.

The Chevrolet was in great shape and while it was not noticeable until he turned it on, the mechanical bits were all diesel Toyota Hilux including the manual column shift. The car rode and performed well all day long.

The three part Cuba series:

The Americans

The Russians

The Others