CC Travel: Cuba – The Others

While Cuba is best known for the classic American cars that still roam its tourist areas, not all the classics are American. There are British, French, German and other countries of origin represented. Let’s highlight some of the lessor known classics of Cuba.

Thus modified British Ford Consul in primer perhaps to be painted in a bright color soon.

A 1957 Opel Kapitän with slightly ill fitting GAZ-24 grill with a bonus motorcycle and sidecar combination lurking behind.

These Polski Fiat 126p are reasonably common in Cuba both in stock and modified form.

There were also a handful of newer Fiats about like this Regata 70. A bonus Mercedes saloon behind it.

A British Ford Anglia on the move. This one looked more original than most.

I am not sure how a few vehicles like this Mercedes came into Cuba.

Most of the bikes were small displacement Chinese or East European units like this Huoniao HN125.

Hillman saloons like this one are uncommon outside of the United Kingdom but a few roam the Cuban streets. They are likely are running Russian running gear.

A real selection here including a Peugeot 3008, Ford Consul and Simca.

Hillman Minx, Cuba style, with a mixture of parts.

An ARO pickup truck I believe.

Here is a Dodge Avenger based off the Hillman Avenger, which likely a very rare variant anywhere in the world now.

A more modern Daewoo Tico hatchback with roof rack.

A variety of two wheeled transport in Havana, Cuba

I believe this one is a Dodge 1500, another re-badge of the Hillman Avenger.

Here is a rarity, a Brazilian Gurgel, with a body made of Plasteel. I believe this is a X12 model.

Again, I am not sure how this Ford Fiesta Ghia ended up in Cuba.

Skoda Octavia, Peugeot 405 and others. The Skoda is riding high likely as a result of the transplanted mechanical components.

Another Fiat Polski 126p in a Havana street scene.

Modern Fiat Panda.

These little egg shaped short haul taxis are quite common.

What is not common is a modified Auto Union 1000 SP.

This Austin A95 Westminster appeared to be in great shape and I saw it on the move quite often.

A Cuban Ambulance, this time a Chinese Jinbei Haise van. The Chinese have taken over from the Russians as the suppliers of capital and new vehicles.

A Chinese MG saloon next to a Chevrolet and Lada representing the American, Russian and Chinese eras of influence.

Another Chinese modern car, this time a Geely Bo Rui GC sedan.

Typical street scene in beach town of Varadero.

This one puzzled me when I was there was later identified as a Datsun 1000 with a modified front end.

A couple Cuban hodgepodge cars. The red one is a mix of Ford Falcons but the white one is a bit of mystery. Cuba is a wonderful place to visit and a car spotter’s paradise.

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