CC Travel: Cuba – The Russian Vehicles

Last time we saw a selection of classic American cars, but this time around we will move to next era and see a selection of Russian vehicles that are still common in Cuba.

There are quite a few of these Moskvich sedans still in use. The locals joked that these were sought after only if you could not afford a Lada.

Lada 2107s are common as well.

A more modern Lada station wagon. Unfortunately a poor quality photo but it is the only one I managed to get of it.

Less common than the saloons, but there were some Niva SUVs as well. I did even manage to see a rare four door version.

There were plenty of Russian medium and heavy duty trucks including this GAZ 53.

And a much modified ZiL.

A Cuban water tanker of mixed pedigree.

A Kamas truck and Lada saloon.

Initially I thought the white truck might be Russian but it has been potentially identified as a Spanish Ebro, but there is another Moskvich behind it to stay in the Russian theme. On the truck the headlights are different, sports a Ford pickup grill and almost looks like two cabs mounted back to back to make a super cab.

UAZ 31512 4×4 in Varadero.

UAZ plus a Jeep.

I loved seeing these GAZ saloons for the first time in the flesh so to speak.

They are a nice sort of size for taxi work.

This GAZ-24 Volga looks a little worse for wear.

A more modern Moskvich 2141 hatchback.

In the next installment we will take a look some other marques from around the world.

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