Truck Show Classics: 2023 Historic Transport Festival, Metropole Druten – What’s In a Name?

1973 Scania LB 140 S with 1975 Groenewegen semi-trailer

The second edition of the perfectly organized event was held on July 9. Apart from an impressive fleet of classic Swedish powerhouses, there were also plenty of other big gems to enjoy on that hot and humid Sunday.

Most interesting are always the complete combinations, preferably with some kind of freight aboard. Like a 1973 Scania LB 140 S tractor with a 1975 Groenewegen extendable semi-trailer, carrying a 1973 Ginaf TF10 dump truck.

The Scania LB 140-series of cabovers was introduced in 1969. With its 350 hp, turbocharged 14 liter V8 it was Europe’s most powerful on-highway truck/tractor in those days. For many years to come, Scania stayed the continental King of Horsepower (note that the 350 hp rating was just the starting point).

1973 Ginaf TF10 6x6 dump truck - 1

The load, neatly parked on the extended semi-trailer, comes with a 6×6 drivetrain. A Netam three-way dump body is resting on top of an auxiliary frame.

1973 Ginaf TF10 6x6 dump truck - 2

Ginaf (NL) became an officially registered truck manufacturer in 1967. Yet the vehicles’ military origins -think retired US Army REO chassis- were still unmistakable. As such, a Ginaf was a cheaper alternative to a new DAF, Mercedes-Benz, M.A.N. Diesel, Magirus-Deutz or Hanomag-Henschel 6×6. Naturally, a diesel engine swap always came with the package.

1961 DAF 2000 DO with Nooteboom semi-trailer and Komatsu dozer

1961 DAF 2000 DO with a Nooteboom low-loader, transporting a Komatsu D310-16 dozer. Van Doorne’s first heavy-duty model was introduced in 1957 and got a Leyland O.680 engine (11.1 liter), which evolved into the DAF 1160-range (11.6 liter) of diesels in the late sixties, their biggest engine till 1997.

1981 Scania LBS 141 S with Netam semi-trailer

A spectacular re-creation of a Middle East cargo express of yore, a 1981 Scania LBS 141 S 6×2 tractor with a Netam tandem axle semi-trailer. Before the tridem axle set-up with super single tires took control, semi-trailers usually had a widespread (as in axle spacing) tandem with dual wheels.

Middle East transport seventies

The seventies, peak long distance trucking right there. An almost mythical time for the guys who were behind the wheel then. In retrospect, it was in that era -and further into the eighties- that heavy European trucks vastly improved, especially from a driver’s point of view. More power, comfort, room, convenience, more of everything.

Mack B87 6x4 dump truck

I mentioned ‘other big gems’, how about a fabulous Mack B87 6×4 dump truck!

1960 Mercedes-Benz LP 333 with Ackermann trailer

Or a 1960 Mercedes-Benz LP 333 ‘Centipede’ with a 1962 Ackermann trailer. Getränke Fleischmann, it says on its dropsides in archaic lettering. You can call Meat Man for all your drinks.

Scania Vabis LBS 76 S truck with trailer

Metropole Druten, the place to be. Here we have a 1965 Scania-Vabis LBS 76 Super 6×2, plus a matching trailer.

1951 Faun L8L truck

1951 Faun L8L flatbed truck, a beauty of a beast. Back in the fifties, Faun and multiple other German manufactures built massive, conventional 4×2 trucks. Diesel locomotive style.

The Faun is powered by a water-cooled, 13.5 liter Deutz diesel engine with a maximum power output of 180 hp, the F6M617 inline-six. Faun (or FAUN) is short for Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach Und Nürnberg AG. So no connection whatsoever with the imaginary, creepy creature.

1996 Scania R143H-450 6x2 tractor

1996 Scania R143H-450 6×2 tractor, owner De Heus is specialized in hauling bricks and all kinds of concrete end products.

1963 Volvo L475 dump truck with Hiab crane - 1

1963 Volvo L475 dump truck with Hiab crane - 2

1963 Volvo L475 Raske dump/flatbed truck with a Hiab crane.

1977 Scania LBS 141 S tractor

1977 Scania LBS 141 S 6×2 tractor, 375 hp.

Scania Vabis LS 71 Regent 6x2 truck with trailer - 1

1954-1958 Scania-Vabis LS 71 Regent 6×2 flatbed truck. Calling it magnificent would be an understatement.

Scania Vabis LS 71 Regent 6x2 truck with trailer - 2

Well that’s interesting, better zoom in now…

1938-1939 McCormick Deering Farmall F-14 farm tractor

…on a McCormick-Deering Farmall F-14 row crop tractor from the late thirties.

1982 M.A.N. Diesel 16.168 Ponton Kurzhauber 4x4 three-way dump truck

1982 M.A.N. Diesel 16.168 HAK 4×4, a second gen Ponton Kurzhauber with a three-way dump body and a crane. A real handy MAN.

1964 Volvo L495 Titan truck with trailer - 1

1964 Volvo L495 Titan. This one, now with a 1980 Burg trailer.

1964 Volvo L495 Titan truck with trailer - 2

Brick roads…safe roads!

1963 Scania Vabis L66 truck

1963 Scania-Vabis L66 flatbed truck. In short, the L66 was an L56 (powered by a 7.8 liter inline-six) with the heavier chassis of the contemporary L76 top model.

1969 Scania L50 truck

1969 Scania L50 truck. Once upon a time, Scania also built four-cylinder engines, in which case a short nose -as seen here- will do.

1984 DAF FTG 3300 DKX tractor

1984 DAF FTG 3300 DKX 6×2/4 tractor, completely jewelry-free.

Mercedes-Benz NG 1944 tractor - 1

1985-1988 Mercedes-Benz NG 1944 4×2 tractor, powered by a 14.6 liter V8 (the OM 442 LA) with 435 DIN-hp.

Mercedes-Benz NG 1944 tractor - 2

The letters NG stand for Neue Generation (New Generation), introduced in 1973. It was superseded by the SK (Schwere Klasse/Heavy Class) in 1988, which was merely a serious update of the NG.

All in all, this is the side profile of all heavy Mercedes-Benz cabover trucks and tractors from 1973 to 1998, a period of 25 years (though the all-new Actros was unveiled in 1996, the production of the SK continued for another two years).

If you want to see (and hear) more of them, large numbers of the NG and SK are still working hard in the Middle East and Africa.

1987 Ginaf F2222 4x4 rally-raid truck - 1

1987 Ginaf F2222 4x4 rally-raid truck - 2

1987 Ginaf F2222 4×4, restored recently. Originally, this was a fast service and assistance vehicle for Dakar rally-raid legend Jan de Rooy.

1977 Volvo F88 4x2 tractor

1977 Volvo F88 4×2 tractor, 260 hp from its 9.6 liter turbodiesel. A trucking business legend, it was this heavy cabover -introduced in 1965- that started Volvo’s steady climb to the global top.

1974 Volvo F89 6x2 tractor - 1

1974 Volvo F89 6x2 tractor - 2

We need more power! Hence the birth of the Volvo F89 with a 330 hp, 12 liter inline-six in 1971. Pictured above, a 1974 F89 6×2 tractor.

1965 Scania Vabis LS 76 S 6x2 tractor

Another Swedish 6×2 tractor unit, a 1965 Scania-Vabis LS 76 Super.

Magirus-Deutz 80-13A truck

Downsizing with a 1985 Iveco-Magirus 80-13A truck. Powered by an air-cooled, 6.1 liter Deutz engine. And let’s not forget its Club-of-Four cab.

1996 Scania T143H-450 6x2 tractor

1996 Scania T143H-450 6×2 tractor. Calimero teamed up with Cardi, a three-way dump semi-trailer from Italy.

1962 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 411

The most capable and versatile 4×4 ever, the (Mercedes-Benz) Unimog. More than 60 years old, the 1962 Unimog 411 at the show.

That’s it for today folks, as 35°C/95°F is simply not my cuppa tea. YMMV and all that.