Truck Show Outtakes: Too Late To The Party – The Guys Are Already Vacuuming

A. Pul - Scania S530 V8 - Pacton - 1

Alas, when I arrived at the show nearby my place, many participants had already left. Some guys were already vacuuming up the steel road plates (used as temporary pavement) from the soggy ground. An interesting process to watch!

JVN vacuum lifter

Here’s the guys’ indispensable piece of equipment for the job at hand, a vacuum cleaner lifter with a lifting capacity of 3,000 kg (6,614 lbs).

I saw three big rigs in action, the drivers/crane operators used the vacuum lifter units to pick up the big steel plates and loaded them on the flatbed semi-trailers. Pictures say more than words, so here we go, featuring the rigs in chronological order of their appearance.

De Keij - Volvo FH - Van Hool - 1

De Keij - Volvo FH - Van Hool - 2

A 2022 Volvo FH 6×2/4 tractor and a 2012 Van Hool semi-trailer with super singles and a diesel-powered Kennis rolloader crane aboard.

De Keij - Volvo FH - Van Hool - 3

A man and his machine. Nice hat, mister! ‘Betonplaten’ is Dutch for concrete slabs, so transporting them must be the combination’s daily job.

Van Dijk - Renault T - KWB - 1

Next in line was this 2024 Renault T-series 6×2/4, towing a 2018 KWB semi-trailer with dual wheels.

Van Dijk - Renault T - KWB - 2

The driver/crane operator is all set to pick up a road plate. Someone seems to call him, though. The crane’s clamp clamps the remote-controlled vacuum lifter, the lifter’s suction pad gets attached to the steel plate in no-time. That’s how it all works, in a nutshell.

Van Dijk - Renault T - KWB - 3

The semi-trailers in this segment of on-highway trucking are ‘over-constructed’, given their demanding and weighty job of hauling bricks, (roof) tiles, and all kinds of concrete end products. And evidently, road plates. Typically, their payload capacity is around 40 tonnes (88,185 lbs).

Note how the combinations -and most certainty the tractor units- will always find themselves on the road plates. Thus, one drive axle will do. Not that a 6×4 drivetrain would have helped much in this case, given the extremely wet soil conditions, combined with the sheer weight of such rigs.

Van Dijk - Renault T - KWB - 4

The Renault is a dealership’s demo/rental tractor. It’s powered by the same 12.8 liter turbodiesel as the Volvo FH.

In this line of business, the tractors are often equipped with a remote-control system, so that the driver can stay on the rolloader crane while moving the rig forward or backward.

A. Pul - Scania S530 V8 - Pacton - 2

A. Pul - Scania S530 V8 - Pacton - KWB - 3

Number three, the last one. A 2022 Scania S530 V8 4×2 with a 2017 Pacton quad axle semi-trailer (eight super singles).

A. Pul - Scania S530 V8 - Pacton - 4

Getting ready, with the rolloader crane still sitting at the front…

A. Pul - Scania S530 V8 - Pacton - 5

…but not for long. And meanwhile, the trucker has lowered the semi-trailer’s second axle.

A. Pul - Scania S530 V8 - Pacton - 6

A. Pul - Scania S530 V8 - Pacton - 7

A. Pul - Scania S530 V8 - Pacton - 8

Too late to the party, yet right in time for capturing these professionals at work. I got pictures of some stationary vehicles, to be uploaded another time.

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