In Motion Outtakes: The Flatbedders Are On a Roll

Scania tractor and KWB semi-trailer

At a short distance from my place, there’s a big manufacturing plant where all kinds of concrete paving materials are produced. It’s situated in the river forelands and only one road leads to the site. You just have to walk alongside that road to catch the dedicated semis, used for transporting the heavy end products.

The flatbed semi-trailers come with tall dropsides and are always equipped with a diesel powered rolloader crane. A wide spread tridem is the most common axle configuration; the first axle is liftable, whereas the second and third axle are steering axles. The payload capacity for such a set-up is somewhere around 40 metric tons (88,000 lbs).

2017 Scania S500 tractor and 2019 KWB semi-trailer

Here’s another loaded Henken rig, thundering down from the top of the river embankment. It seems to be identical to the one in the first picture. This 2017 Scania S500 tractor is towing a 2019 KWB semi-trailer.

DAF XF tractor and 2004 Floor semi-trailer

Next is a DAF XF – Floor combination. Only the semi-trailer’s rearmost axle is a steering axle. You can tell by the spacing between the Floor’s axles. Way back, the Floor company also assembled Mack trucks and tractors for our market, these were supplanted by their own FTF branded vehicles.

2018 Scania R450 tractor and 2016 KWB semi-trailer

I mentioned the tridem axle configuration. How about a quad axle group with two liftable and two steering axles? Coupled to a 4×2 tractor, you also get six axles in total. Pictured a 2018 Scania R450 with a 2016 KWB.

2019 DAF XF 480 FTS tractor and 2000 Pacton-Kennis semi-trailer

This 2000 Pacton-Kennis is today’s only semi-trailer with dual wheels. The tractor is a 2019 DAF XF 480 FTS, that’s a 6×2 tractor chassis with a liftable tag axle.

2018 Scania R650 tractor

A 2018 Scania R650 V8, coming from the other direction, so driving empty. The axles are lifted, the rolloader crane is driven forwards.

2017 MAN TGX tractor

Manufacturer Excluton also has a whole fleet of big rigs to distribute their own concrete products. They rely on MAN and DAF tractors.

This 2017 MAN TGX is in full swing, rounding the roundabout to return to its homebase. The steering axles prevent the semi-trailer from taking a shortcut when the tractor turns, something that standard semi-trailers inherently do.

2019 Volvo FH16 tractor and 2007 Vogelzang semi-trailer

A 2019 Volvo FH16 (as in 16 liter displacement) 4×2 tractor with a 2007 Vogelzang quad axle semi-trailer. Stomping Swede, with almost 2.7 liter displacement per cylinder.

2018 Scania R580 tractor and 2008 Kennis semi-trailer

A.E. Hoogendoorn’s splendid, seven axle combination. A 2018 Scania R580 V8 (Hammering Swede), towing a 2008 Kennis. This tour’s winner, in my book.

2016 Volvo FM tractor

An other walk, an other location. Late March, I shot a few combinations that were also used to get a load of paving materials at the same plant. Here’s a 2016 Volvo FM 4×2. The FM is the smaller brother, especially cab-wise, of the FH-series.

DAF XF tractor

MAN TGX tractor

A DAF XF and MAN TGX, respectively. Both with a liftable and steering pusher axle.

2012 Volvo FM 410 tractor

The last one, Van Essen’s 2012 Volvo FM 4×2 with a rather short semi-trailer, yet still with the usual tridem axle set-up. Undoubtedly, this combination is also used to deliver the goods at the customer’s doorstep. I like the color scheme, combining silver with shades of blue always works out well.

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