Two Door Sedan Jag Cohort Outtake: 1953 Chevrolet

Chevrolet 1953 two-door side

(first posted 7/5/2015)  It wouldn’t be a proper “jag” if I didn’t keep it going daily, so I have two hours left here on Sunday night to get a two-door sedan posted. How about this plump ’53 Chevy, posted by Mike Hayes?

Chevrolet 1953 two door fq

The ’53 and ’54 Chebbies once were a very popular car among a certain age demographic, as well as with Mexican-Americans. For guys who were of a very impressionable age when these were new, they seem to have struck a nerve, as is so often the case. Has anyone done a study to determine at just what age a car makes the deepest and most lasting impression on a kid?

Of course, these cars were soon overshadowed by the V8-powered tri-fives, but they kept their charm and attractiveness with its true devotees. needless to say, many ended up with V8s under their hoods. A classic early-50d GM mobile – hard to really fault, but getting a bit long on tooth, given theta it was essentially a ’49 Chevy unde its skin.