Two Door Sedan Jag Outtake: Volvo 242 With Lots of Lights and Ground Effects

CC 118 235 1200

I’ve decided that the true ultimate CC of Eugene simply has to be the Volvo 240 series. Unlike so many older “Eugene Mobiles”, they’re not fading away, and I continue to see well kept examples in the hands of their loving owners several times per day. They will outlive us all. But this example is not very representative of the type.

Someone obviously wanted to turn their (non-turbo) 242 into a would-be rally racer or something like that. No less than six accessory lights out front, an air dam, and even flexible skirts to bring the high-riding box-Volvo’s underbody turbulence a bit under control. yet there’s no evidence of any actual body lowering, as might be expected. Whatever. It’s a survivor, any way you look at it, even askance.