Vintage Editorial: “Reflections from an English Country Inn” (Brock Yates, C&D 1968)

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(first posted 5/23/2013, as a follow-up to yesterday’s Grosse Pointe Myopians)

This is the kind of stuff I inhaled as a fifteen year-old: Brock Yates analyzing the British Car industry, and prognosticating. It’s a bit long-winded, from a time when we weren’t bombarded with media flying at us from all directions and we craved long articles to fill the time (and brains). And of course, it’s old hat; we know how the British car industry essentially melted down and away; the few remaining remnants (except Morgan) all in the hands of foreign ownership. But if you have the time, here’s a trip back to 1968, when the British auto industry was really just beginning to face its do or die situation. (from the December 1968 issue of Car and Driver).

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