Vintage Ad: On Safari In A 1985 Mercury Lynx

Is it just me, or is there something a bit odd about the clothing of these folks out on the Serengeti, or wherever they’re supposed to be? Yes, Banana Republic was still fairly new and the safari look was what they specialized in back then, but did folks really dress like this? The mom and kid seem to have matching uniforms on.

Never mind…The Lynx is where our attention should drawn. Maybe that’s why I looked at the models and not at the car, as I’m not exactly drawn to these.

Is that a Bobcat his eyes are fixated on?

Somewhat surprisingly (or not) we’ve never had a CC or even an Outtake on a Lynx, although we did have a Cohort Outtake on the extremely rare diesel version. So that’s the only place I can send you, other than my take down of the 1981 Escort.