Vintage Ad: 1981 Evolution 1 by Pierre Cardin – “Undoubtedly Cadillac, Unquestionably Cardin, Incredibly Now”

Here’s one that snuck by me in 1980, and just as well. Wow; who wouldn’t have lusted after this. Especially at $61,000 ($176k adjusted). No wonder less than a hundred were ever built.

Here’s some more info on this gem, and one in the flesh:

The king of front overhangs?

From Alden Jewell’s Flickr page:

From an article by Tom Appel in The Daily Drive dated June 19, 2018: “The plan had been to build 300 Eldorado Evolutions a year, but estimates put total production for 1981 and 1982 at fewer than 100 units.
One barrier to purchase was the price. While an off-the-shelf 1982 Eldorado started at just under $19,000, the Cardin-upgraded Evolution started at a whopping $58,000, and came to $61,000 fully loaded. By comparison, a well-equipped Mercedes-Benz 380SEC still went for less than $50,000 in 1982.
Good-condition examples of the Eldorado Evolution have shown up for sale in recent months, with asking prices in the $20,000 range – considerably more than a stock 1982 Eldo might go for.”

And here’s the official press release:

What characterizes a truly great designer is the capacity to harmoniously blend traditional aesthetics withdaring innovation. Thus, Pierre Cardin has created both the first authentic limited production designerautomobile and the first Custom Class Cadillac: the Evolution 1.The Evolution 1 combines French design perfection and American technology to bring pure art to theroadways. From the arresting brilliance of the exterior twenty layers of hand-applied and hand-rubbedlacquer, to the strong sculptural lines and futuristic styling, Evolution 1 is a classic in the making. Thegracefully extended front, the elegant rear deck and the redefined roof line accentuate the strikingindividuality of Evolution 1. The aerodynamically designed rearview mirror creates a distinctive accent whichconfirms the touch of a master designer.Truly, Evolution 1 is more than a beautiful custom automobile. It is beauty made functional. As a Cadillac,Evolution 1 commands the highest of automotive reputation, combined with the most advanced Americantechnology. Cardins choice of the Eldorado eliminates repair and maintenance problems, for the Evolution 1is fully warranteed. Its hard-nosed practicality is exemplified by a unique surfacing compound whichthoroughly protects its exquisite exterior finish from ultraviolet fade and harsh road elements.Evolution 1 also features a photochromatic sunroof which ingeniousla darkens as the sun’s rays growstronger. This thoughtfully designed vehicle is factory equipped with electrically operated foldaway headlamps and (or with optional) electrically foldaway fog halogen lights. Moreover, as a safety feature Evolution1 displays on the front grill, rear and sail panel sections, electroluminescent lighting. This is a low voltage-form of soft light developed for use in military and commercial aircraft which automatically lights when theignition is started. Never again can you forget to turn on your lights.The luxurious interior environment of Evolution 1 is a design achievement of uncompromising quality andworkmanship. Every aspect of the driving compartment is handcrafted by master artisans in the tradition ofgreat coachmakers. The individually cut and sewn leather seats are made from the world’s finest leatherwhich (is scientifically treated to prevent) fading and cracking. The graceful seating is designedorthopedically to insure supple comfort and are, of course, electronically controlled.The Evolution’s headliner is made of the most luxurious leather, emphasizing Cardin’s concern for refined yetunderstated detail. With Cardin’s accent on refined and understated detail, the Evolution 1’s headliner ismade of the most luxurious suede. The dashboard, steering wheel, and interior accents also reflect his care,for they are individually hand fashioned from mahogany. The carpeting is made of rich and durable 100percent English virgin wool. For personal comfort there are lighted vanity mirrors on each visor. A final touchof opulence is found neatly concealed within the rear armrest – a serving unit housing elegant Waterfordcrystal.The studio quality radio and cassette sound system, featuring separate power amplifiers, graphic equalizer,and digital display, has been custom matched to satisfy the most discriminating musical palate. The optionalcustom designed sound system completes the interior environment with elegant finesse. It is customdesigned with separate power amplifiers, graphic equalizer and digital display to satisfy the mostdiscriminating audiophile.Evolution 1 displays the formidable performance characteristics of the front-wheel driving Eldorado. It aslofeatures Dunlop Elite tires which assure the driver of superb road handling and provide a fifty thousand milewarranty.The Evolution 1 comes with a 368 V8 engine with electronic digital fuel injection. A 350 V8 is also available. Koni gas shock absorbers and a specially tuned suspension system arestandard and provide a perfect balance between performance and luxury. The Evolution 1 will only be available to a very select group of automotive enthusiasts. Production has begunwith deliveries expected to begin on May. This luxury grand touring automobile will be issued in a numberedseries limited to only 300 vehicles. Each automobile will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticitysigned by Pierre Cardin, stating date of completion and serial number. In addition, a placque bearing theproduction number and date of completion will be located in the engine compartment.Evolution 1 is indeed a forceful work of modern art. Through the innovative genius of the world’s foremostdesigner, Pierre Cardin, and the technological excellence of Cadillac, the Evolution 1 has evolved as anunsurpassed (the first) custom grand touring automobile