Vintage PR Photo: 1966 Plymouth Playmate Barracuda – Not The Real Thing, Though

This promotional “card” is misleading, as the Playboy Playmate of the Year for 1966 did not get a Barracuda. So why was this being promoted as the Plymouth Playmate Barracuda?

These are important questions that need answers…

Apparently this lovely shade of pink was available as an option (Code 99, IIRC). And apparently some Bay Area Plymouth dealers ordered up a batch and used the Playmate connection—tenuous as it was—to sell these. There’s still some around, and their owners seem to be convinced that the ’66 Barracuda was what the ’66 Playmate Of The Year (POTY) drove.

If they had read CC’s coverage of that annual event, they would have known that Allison Parks scored in 1966, with a big, burly new Dodge Charger. She had kids (was that a first?) so she wanted something big enough to haul them in, just not a pink Country Squire.

Maybe the confusion stems from the fact that in 1967, Lisa Baker did get a new ’67 Barracuda, the only Plymouth ever given to a Bunny. Did those Plymouth dealers in California have some advance knowledge of this?