CC Easter Bunny Special: The Cars Of The Playboy Bunnies Of The Year 1964 – 1988

Bunny 1964

(first posted 3/27/2016)   I was trying hard to think of something appropriate to run for Easter. I Googled “Easter Bunny Car”, but nothing grabbed me. Then I remembered a post I did back in 2012 of a beautiful woman in front of a pink 1969 Shelby 500KR. It turned out to be the Playboy Bunny Of The Year 1969, in front of her gift car. It had become a tradition for the Playmate of the year to get a new car as part of her winnings, and a pink one at that, at least through 1975. Bunnies…and pink vintage cars; now that’s a good subject for Easter, no?

The first Playboy Bunny of the Year to get a car was Donna Michelle, in 1964. The choice of car was all too obvious: the all-new Mustang, along with a few other vintage toys from that year.


Bunny 1965

Jo Collins won in 1965, and she got a Sunbeam Tiger, with the Mustang’s V8 under the hood. Our CC of the Tiger is here.

Bunny 1966

Allison Parks scored in 1966, with a big, burly new Dodge Charger. She had kids, so she wanted something big enough to haul them in, just not a pink Country Squire. Our CC on the fastback Charger is here.

bunny 1967

In 1967, Lisa Baker got the only Plymouth ever given to a Bunny. But then the new ’67 Barracuda wasn’t your typical Plymouth. We lavished praise on it here.

bunny 1968

Angela Dorian won herself the new-for 1968 AMX. I wonder if any of these pink cars survived? We took a look at the AMX here.

bunny 1969

1969. This is the photo that I posted back in 2012. I called it “Pink Shelby 500 With Hood Ornament – The Snake Charmer”. I was clueless as to its origins. Maybe I was just too…distracted to make the connection between very pretty girl and pink car. I was soon set straight. Her name is Connie Kreski. And this is my favorite one. Umm; not the car. I could never quite warm up to these, although Connie is making it somewhat easier. No CC on the 500 yet. But who cares?

Bunny 1970

Claudia Jennings poses with her new 1970 Capri, in front of Hugh Heffner’s DC-9. The Capri was probably one of the slower cars of this series, but that’s no reflection on Claudia. Our CC is here.

bunny 1971

In 1971, Sharon Clark was the only Playmate of the Year to be given a boat instead of a car, and it isn’t even pink. It’s a Spectra 20 ski boat, if that means anything to you. She seems to like it well enough. The closest CC we have is a 1968 Chris Craft 35′ Commander, owned by Tom Klockau’s dad.

Bunny 1972

Liv Lindeland, Miss 1972, scored big time, with a pink DeTomaso Pantera. Surprisingly enough, we’ve yet to give the Pantera its day of fame here at CC. Here’s a pink head start.

bunny 1973

Marilyn Cole was the only Brit to ever win the title of Playmate of the Year, but that didn’t get her a corresponding car. Instead, she won this 1973 Volvo 1800ES. Well, it is a shooting brake, so that’s close enough. Tom Klockau’s mother owned one once, but I don’t think hers was pink. And her name wasn’t Marilyn.

bunny 1974

Cindi Wood did well, with a 1974 Mercedes 450SL, with color-coordinated wheel covers, no less. Jim Grey found a red one for CC here.

bunny 1975

This 1975 Porsche 911 is the first of seven Porsches to be awarded. Marilyn Lange was the recipient. Lots of Marilyns; Gee; I wonder why? My CC is here.

bunny 1977

There’s no picture of Lillian Müller’s 1976 BMW 530i. And it might not have been pink, which is not surprising, since she was Norwegian. That means that the ’75 911 was the last of the pink cars. Maybe the recipients complained about reduced re-sale value? Or it just added too much to the cost? Here’s Patti McGuire with her white 1977 Dodge Midnight Charger.  The closest we have is this.

bunny 1978

Debra Jo Fondren won the first Japanese car, this 1978 Datsun 280Z (which doesn’t look like a US-spec 280Z, though).  My Z CC is here.

bunny 1979

Monique St. Pierre adds a spicy touch to her new 1979 Porsche 928. Don Andreina titled his 928 CC “Blasphemy With A Big Butt”.  I don’t see any big butt.

bunny 1980

Dorothy Stratten is posing in front of her 1980 Jaguar XJ-S. She would be dead by August of that year, killed by her pimp/promoter Paul Snider, who took his life after hers. Several movies have been made about her life. We’ve had several XJ-S appearances here, including this recent COAL by Michael Ionno.

bunny 1985

We’re going to skip forward to 1985, as there were just more Porsches and another XJ-S in between. The lovely Karen Velez received the first Toyota, an MR2. It’s a bit modest compared to the Porsches and Jags, but if she was smart and held on to it, it would undoubtedly still be running today. CC here.

bunny 1986

Kathy Shower (really?) scored a Jaguar XJ-6 in 1986. Eric703 did a splendid CC on it here.

bunny 1987

In 1987, Donna Edmonson got the very first GM car of this series, a Corvette convertible, appropriately enough. What took so long? You probably won’t like my CC on the C4 nearly as much as you like her. But then she’s not really my type either.

bunny 1988

1988: Poor India Allen. What may look like a Lamborghini Countach at first glance is actually a kit car (hiss; boo!). What did she do to deserve that? I guess the real thing was too expensive. Still.

Well, with that, we’re going to end this bunny excursion back in time. If you want more, you can find all of them, right up to 2010, here. But you’d probably better leave it for now and join the family for the Easter festivities. Enough bunnies for one day.