Vintage PR Shot: Frisbie’s Pie Truck – Where The Name For The Frisbee Came From

When I ran across this postcard of a Friesbie’s Pie truck, I wondered if that was the inspiration for the name of the Frisbee. It rather made sense, but then you never know. So I headed to the Frisbee Wikipedia page, and sure enough:

In June 1957, Wham-O co-founders Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin gave the disc the brand name “Frisbee” after learning that college students were calling the Pluto Platter by that term,[10] which was derived from the Connecticut-based pie manufacturer Frisbie Pie Company,[11] a supplier of pies to Yale University, where students had started a campus craze tossing empty pie tins stamped with the company’s logo—the way that Morrison and his wife had in 1937.[6]

Walter Morrison was the true inventor of the Frisbee, and he started out by throwing a popcorn can lid on the beach after Thanksgiving dinner in 1937, in California (natch). After he started making them out of plastic, the device went through a number of names before it became the Frisbee, thanks to those Yale University students that were familiar with Frisbie’s pies.

Just one question:

Can anyone identify the truck?