Vintage Truck of the Day: 1956 Ford F900 – First Year For Ford’s Legendary HD Truck Hood Scoops


I was well aware of Ford’s big hood scoops on their HD trucks in the early-mid sixties. But I just ran across these shots of a couple of ’56s that also had them. Hmm…time to find out the history of them. Turns out they were only installed on the optional 200hp 332 inch Torque-King (Lincoln Y-block) V8s that featured the new four barrel carburetor.

The upshot is that trucks were rather ahead of the game with functional hood scoops to feed their hot new V8 engines.

The Lincoln Y Block V8, which appeared in 1952, was clearly also designed for truck use, and was the top engine in Ford’s big trucks through 1957, after which the massive new Super Duty V8s replaced them. The truck versions came in 279, 302 and 332 cubic inches. This 1956 F900 brochure shows just two versions of the 332 being available, the 190 hp with a two barrel carb and the 200 hp with the new four barrel carb.

It looks straight out of a JC Whitney catalog. And if I remember correctly, these Ford truck hood scoops found themselves on a fair number of hot rods.


Here’s another ’56 F900 with the scoop. These V8s had quite the bellow when worked hard, which they usually were.


And here’s a ’58, although the scoop looks a bit different now.

And in 1961, the scoop was turned backwards. Ford undoubtedly realized that the area in the middle of the hood is a low pressure zone, whereas the base of the windshield is a high pressure zone, so that turning it backwards made it much more functional, as well as reducing rain ingress.

These hood scoops were seen through the rest of this generation of Super Duty’s too, to feed the big V8s up to 534 cubic inches.