Vintage Trucks: Four New Internationals Including A Rare M-42-CAE With Super Single Tires

This shot is doubly fascinating. Not only is the lead truck a rare International M-42-CAE yard jockey, but I see it’s got super single tires on the back. Which makes me wonder when these first came out? Good luck trying to find a good answer via Google.

I remember clearly that the concrete mixers at one company in Iowa City in about 1972 or so had them, at least on the front, for additional flotation. And I suppose they may have been used in special off-road applications going way back. But does anyone know when they were more commonly offered on on-the-road trucks?

I did a post on the wide flotation tires available on light trucks back in 2014, but I’ve never seen a good history of wide tires for big trucks. Food for thought.