VW Week Finale (Or Is It?): Herbie Will Have To Wait For Next Time

VW Herbie movie

Ed Stembridge initiated the idea of VW Week, and its been a success. I was afraid interest might flag a bit towards the end, but it’s been one of our best weeks ever here at CC, so obviously the Volks-love is true and enduring. Ed was going to do a post on Herbie, but that will have to wait for another time. And I’m still working on an article about the VW’s genesis, but it’s just not ready yet, so what should have been the beginning of the story will arrive late. Well, the VW is an ass-backwards car, so that’s almost appropriate. Thanks to all the Contributors and your excellent comments. I could keep doing VW Week indefinitely, but I know Carmine and a few others would like to crawl out of their bunkers now.  Bring on the Broughams!