Bus Stop Classics: Late ’50s Ayats-Bodied Pegaso coaches – Under The Influence

Coaches aren’t really my thing, but when you start browsing Google and see nice period pics of this nature, you investigate. And then you find more, and they’re all crazier than the next. This little goldmine comes courtesy of Spanish coachbuilder Ayats, which is still active. In the late ’50s, Ayats went loco on some Pegaso Diesel chassis, taking styling cues from contemporary Detroit. I’m seeing some ’56 Chevy in this one, with some ’57 DeSoto around the eyes. But there’s more…

Juan Ayats is a Catalan coachbuilder established in near Gerona since 1905. By the early ’50s, their long-distance coach designs were getting mildly interesting, but still pretty normal.

Mid-’50s: it’s getting kinda chromey out there. But despite the toothy grille, we’re not in pure Detroit “homage” mode quite yet. Check out the next ones though, amigo.

¿What do you see?







Cuatro (front & back)












This worrisome case of acute Chromatoid Detroitis was gradually brought under control in he early 60s. Franco’s Spain wasn’t a fun place to be, so I’m told by folks who lived through it. But at least, there was one coachbuilder who had a gift for impressions and visual comedy.