CC Global: 2017 WSI XXL Truck Show – Part Two, Big Rigs

Many tractor & semi-trailer and truck & trailer combinations were also present at the WSI XXL Model and Truck Show. Modern big rigs in all their glory, neatly lined up.

Here’s a flatbed semi-trailer with sliding tarpaulins, towed by a 2017 Scania S580. This Scania series was introduced last summer, and the hammering 16.4 liter V8 is still Scania’s top engine.

Same type of semi-trailer, the tractor is a new Volvo FM with a 10.8 liter engine. The FM is Volvo’s mid-size model.

2014 DAF XF460 with a walking floor semi-trailer.

2016 Mercedes-Benz Actros bulk hauler with the outstanding Van Bentum blue & silver color scheme. Daimler Trucks is the world’s largest manufacturer of mid-size and heavy trucks, the company offers the brands Mercedes-Benz (Unimog included), Freightliner, Western Star, Mitsubishi Fuso and BharatBenz.

2016 DAF XF 440 with the MX-11 engine (10.8 liter displacement), towing a reefer.

Another reefer, the tractor is a new Scania S520.

2017 Scania R450 (12.7 liter inline-6) towing a walking floor semi-trailer, built by Knapen.

Pig hauler, 2015 Volvo FH.

Chickliner, 2017 Scania S500.

2015 Scania R520 with a Broshuis 2CONnect double semi-trailer. It can haul a single 20 ft, 40 ft or 45 ft shipping container or two 20 ft shipping containers.

This rig has five steering axles, the semi-trailers can also be used separately.

Confused? This video shows how it works.

From Belgium, a DAF CF 460 and flatbed semi-trailer with sliding tarpaulins.

A typical combination for hauling voluminous goods, this 2016 Volvo FH and Van Eck mid-axle trailer. As you can see the trailer has cargo doors at the front side too. This whole rig can be (un)loaded from the trailer’s rear side.

2016 Scania R450 with a perfectly matching semi-trailer, as if they were made for each other. In most EU-countries the national weight limit for such a rig is 44,000 kg (97,000 lbs).

2016 MAN TGX tractor and Floor semi-trailer for hauling flowers. The second axle of the semi-trailer is steerable, the tractor is powered by a 15.3 liter inline-6 engine.

A reefer doesn’t have to be white, this one is towed by a 2013 Volvo FH.

How about that, a 2015 Western Star 5700XE.

2012 DAF XF105 and 2012 WEB mid-axle trailer with swap bodies.

2012 DAF XF105 Low Deck tractor and 2009 Kögel semi-trailer.

From left to right a row of Scanias, three MANs and two DAFs, parked at their home base.

2016 Scania S450 with a reefer.

A bulk hauler pointing to the sky, the 2014 Scania R520 is fully in control. In this segment of 4×2 tractor units the legal maximum axle load of the drive axle is 11,500 kg (25,353 lbs). LAG from Belgium built the semi-trailer.

The last combination is a flower hauler, a 2012 MAN TGX 18.480 and 2012 ESVE semi-trailer.

Next (and final) part: heavy-haulage and other special vehicles.

Part one – tractors and trucks