Curbside Camper: 1960s Cabana FG 23 Motor Home – A Survivor

This vintage Cabana motor home showed up in our neighborhood about a year ago, and it’s still around. I saw it parked by the local hardware store just the other day. It’s a bit out of the ordinary; these were never exactly common back in the day, and it’s been quite a while since I saw one last.

Let’s give it the walk-around.

First off, we should note that it’s a local product, from Forest Grove, Oregon.  They used to build travel trailers in the ’50s and at some point in the ’60s started a line of motor homes, which seems to have died like so many others in the ’74-’75 recession. I can’t find any examples beyond 1973-1974.

Its construction is a bit unusual for the times, consisting of several large fiberglass sections joined together. Actually, that’s how many typical motor homes are made now, so it was ahead of its time that way.

But the odd thing is that its driver’s door is made of steel, which rather sticks out, somewhat painfully so.

I got a bit of a peek into the driver’s compartment, which shows the predictable Dodge steering wheel. Dodge had almost a monopoly in motor home chassis back then.

It was sold at Bob’s Camper & Sport Sales.

The name is in the fiberglass mold. It should really have an ñ in its name, but I guess I’ve been exposed to too much Spanish.

What it clearly doesn’t have too is current license plates.

The side entry door is also steel, and as badly mismatched in color and trim as the driver’s door.

For posterity, here’s its serial number and type.