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Museum Classic / Automotive History: 1947 Tama E4S-47 – Arch-EV-ological Artefact

This week, we are going back to the weird and wonderful world of JDM – the twist here being that the cars we’re going to examine are genuine rarities, even in Japan. Today, we pay a visit to the big Nissan store in Ginza, which has a small rotating cast of exhibits from the carmaker’s museum collection. Some of those are fairly common-or-garden Datsuns, but this one was a different (electric) kettle of fish.

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Curbside Classic: 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport SE – Can U Get A Witness?

'94 Trans Sport Front

(first posted 5/31/2013)     I come here neither to praise nor to bury the Pontiac Trans Sport. The market did the latter quite some time ago, not only with this model, but with Pontiac as a whole; no, all I have in mind today is to drink deeply of its, er, singularity for a little while. Read the rest of this entry »


Vintage Article: The Grosse Pointe Myopians – Car and Driver’s Brock Yates Nails Motown

(first posted 4/13/2018)       This week’s Curbside Classic has been filled with posts packed full of data and thoughtful perspectives on the decline of Motown’s fortunes through the years.  Well, roll the clock back fifty years, and the handwriting was already on the wall, courtesy of Brock Yates in the April 1968 issue of Car and Driver.

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Vintage Snapshots: Truck People In The ’50s & ’60s

Let’s revisit trucks and their people with this vintage image gallery. While the images are rather varied, it’s clear they come from an age when all trucks served as workhorses. Still, they were part of the family, and many folk stood proudly next to them. Yet, on a few shots, one can start to feel their future as not only workhorses, but also as lifestyle vehicles.

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Cohort Pic(k)s Of The Day: Old Iron At The Junkyard

Photos from the Cohort by canadiancatgreen.

Whenever I went to a junkyard and came across really vintage iron, I inevitably always wondered: From what barn/remote field did they drag this from? And who finally decided to let go of the old rotten heap?

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CC Global (And Video): Scania And Volvo Dually Pickup Trucks – Lively Demo By a DAF Driver

Hoftrans - Scania R580 V8 6x2 - 1

There are three ways to pick a large dumpster or truck body up from the ground and put it on the back of a straight truck: with a hooklift hoist, a cable system or a chain system. All set-ups were present at the sunny, late September show.

The Hoftrans company opted for a chain system on their 2020 Scania R580 V8 6×2 chassis-cab. Plenty of power on tap for sure, but keep in mind that such trucks frequently tow a trailer with another dumpster/container.

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Auto-Biography: Thinking Small in Syracuse — The PTV (Personal Transportation Vehicle) Project

Man, I really hit a nerve with my Audi Fox recollections. Who would have thought that a simple, square-rigged, German two-door would have elicited such emotion? There are more foxy tales to tell, but let’s stay in Syracuse for this week’s post, and the story of a student project that encompassed a significant portion of the 1975-76 academic year in that Central New York city.

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Quarryside Classics: Mack R-Series – Rock Solid Since 1966

CC 194 080 900

(first posted 4/7/2013)    I recently rented a little three-yard dump truck and used it to pay several visits to one of the local quarries–partly to haul gravel, but also as an excuse to pay homage to the dwindling number of Mack R-Series still on their roster. It’s hard to imagine a time when these toughest of trucks ever built will no longer be prowling our streets; but then, I felt the same way about their predecessors. Read the rest of this entry »


Vintage Review: 1968 Datsun PL510 – April 1968 Car and Driver Road Test

(first posted 4/12/2018)       The Japanese automakers were rapidly growing in the late 1960s, and one of the key secrets to their success was continuous improvement.  In 1968, Datsun presented an excellent example of this approach with the new PL510, which offered significant enhancements compared with its (still good) predecessor, the RL411.  Car and Driver pointed out all the upgrades and benefits in a full road test in the April 1968 issue.

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Vintage Snapshots: At The Mall! – Parking Lots In The ’50s-’70s

Some of these images take me back to the age when I was a child and my family used to visit the mall; the 1970s. Or better said, my mother and us children used to visit, as she was a mall fanatic who wouldn’t spend a weekend without going to one. But can I blame her? When malls appeared, they were quite the revolution in retail.

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Port Orford Outtake: 1973 Ford F600 Tow Truck – Rustic

We’ve been in Port Orford this week and I decided to actually pull out my phone and shoot a few more of the natives. As in any small (tiny) PNW town, the place is crawling with CCs; if you only drive 0.3 miles to Ray’s supermarket three times a week and 4 miles to the Wednesday night bingo game at the Sixes Grange, your venerable 20 or 30 or 40 year old vehicle just isn’t going to rack up a lot of miles. And with the nearest car dealer over an hour away, temptation is a bit unlikely to come your way. Well, that and the reality of low wages (if any) in a sleepy coastal hamlet like PO.

So the old beaters just keep on rolling along. But when something does impair their forward motion, there’s always the Monty’s Garage ’73 F600 tow truck to come to the rescue. If it’ll start up, that is.

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Bus Stop Classics Obscurity:  1948 – 1953 Ford/Wayne/Marmon-Herrington 8MB; Ford Folds On Its Transit Bus Business

In our previous post on Checker Motors, we talked a little about the Ford Transit Bus.  Let’s take a closer look at the final evolution of that model, the 8MB. Read the rest of this entry »


COAL: 1965 Ford Thunderbird — My First Classic!

This was my first classic car. And it spawned a lifetime of my love for classic cars.

I had made friends with a girl who went to my school; Kim who was a fun-loving, and sweet girl and we enjoyed each other’s company. On her driveway sat a Rangoon red 1965 Thunderbird. The car had a white vinyl top and a red leather interior.

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Curbside Classic: 1967 Jeep Gladiator J3000 – The Truck Of The Future

CC 200 096 900

(first posted 5/30/2013)      In the early sixties, the vast majority of pickups were wimpy, low-riding, six cylinder-powered things; downright effeminate, one might almost say (with a bit of tongue in cheek). It’s a good thing that men were so secure in their manhood back then. What’s a truck without a big V8, four wheel drive, a ton of carrying capacity, a (relatively) tall stance, and most of all, a really big, macho chrome grille? And an intimidating name to go with it. Well, the Jeep Gladiator had all of that and more, way back in 1965 – The truck of the future. Read the rest of this entry »


Chartside Classics: US Market Share by Manufacturer – 1961-2016

(first posted 4/10/2018)         Unless one subscribes to a data service, getting US historical auto sales statistics is not so easy; Wikipedia only lists US manufacturers. But I stumbled into this site that has market share info from 1961 -2016. One can create custom charts, but only with five manufacturers for any given chart. So I lumped some fairly obvious ones together to create a few to share with you. The first one is for the Not-So-Big-Anymore Three; it’s also the most dramatic. How the mighty have fallen. And look how Chrysler/FCA bucked the trend of the other two, staying in a band of roughly 9% to 16% over the decades.

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