Through The Window Outake: Chopped And Diced Xboxamino – I Hope It’s Not Heading Up The Mountain

IMG_2366 950

It’s always good to get out of town in the winter, and not just to see fresh cars, although this chopped and cut Xb isn’t exactly typical Eugene fare. Son Ed invited us up to Portland for a fabulous birthday weekend, and on Sunday morning we were heading up to Mt. Hood for skiing when this thing came by us with staccato peals from its fart can. Now that’s a sight for slightly sore eyes at this early hour; yowzaa!  But given that spectacular Mt. Hood was straight ahead in this shot, totally engulfed in clouds dumping welcome fresh powder, I was having a hard time imagining it making it up on its wide tires.

IMG_2367 950

Here’s a better shot. We soon lost sight of it, but I suspect that’s because he had another destination in mind. Higher up, the snow was packed on the road and the ODOT truck was spreading volcanic cinders, the standard fare around here that’s quite effective (for traction as well as cracking windshields). Sadly, I didn’t get any shots, but at the chain-mounting pull-off I saw a Honda Accord coupe with chains put on its back wheels, and a Jeep Cherokee with its driver putting chains on its front wheels (as if it needed any). Meanwhile, the seasoned drivers with regular old cars shod in half-way decent tires were doing just fine…


The snow was excellent; just enough powder to cut some fresh tracks, but not enough to overwhelm my aging thighs. And at the end of the day, instead of riding down back to Government Camp in the car, we left the ski area and took a back-country route down the mountain (Ed’s GF drove down to pick us up). The sign here doesn’t exactly mince its words, eh?