Curbside Find: 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Classic – Hard-Wearing Classic Chevy

What’s more appropriate than finding a classic B-Box Chevy at the hardware store? Finding one at a rock store?

This Caprice is still in fine nick too; let’s take a closer look.

By 1988, the box-B was already in its second decade, and still had a few years to go before it was finally replaced in 1992. A classic in its own time; it had earned its name.

Comfy split seats; no more pretending to accommodate a middle front passenger. That was a blessing; driving with someone scrunched up against one was really unpleasant, unless of course it was someone you really wanted to be scrunched up against. But that was falling out of favor anyway.

The back seat was the place to shove that unwelcome extra fifth person, if it had to be.

The filler panels between the bumper and body are still intact. Has it been garaged or did GM finally improve the plastic it had bene using?

This one’s powered by the equally classic Chevy 305 small block V8. It’s essentially an update of that all-time classic ’55 Chevy: no bigger than necessary and powered by that most classic of engines.