Vintage VW Dealer Postcards: Interesting Assortment Of Trade-Ins, And A Minor Mystery

This one is from Erie, PA. from about 1960 and features some fine Detroit iron out front, along with a Karmann-Ghia and a Renault 4CV.  A Thunderbird convertible traded for a VW? Maybe a K-G convertible?

Wynn Sales in Paducah, KY has an even larger number of non-VWs, including a couple of Corvairs. Did the owners of the ’59 Cadillac trade it in on a new Beetle? Maybe a nice Samba 23-window bus with a sunroof?

No used cars here, but the tri-tone paint job on the bus on the left is a mystery, as that was not offered by the factory. In fact at the time (1956-1957), the Kombi bus was only offered in solid blue or a dark green over a very light “sand green”.  Who would have their bus painted like that?