Cruise Night Outtake: Breathed-On Celica Style!

Since I have Celicas on the brain this week, how about a decidedly non-stock version? Sure, it looks mostly normal, (save the racing stripes) but as I recall this 1975-77 model has either a Ford or Chevrolet small-block V8. Note the side-exiting exhaust; I believe it also has a nitrous system installed. Yes, this Celica owner likes to go fast!

This vintage of Toyota–Celica or otherwise–is very, very thin on the ground here in the Midwest. I wish I had gotten a picture of the engine. It is a regular to the Coralville cruise-ins, though, so I will report back here the next time I see it.

I don’t usually like hot rods, but this one appeals to me–much more than the space-alien Toyota Mark II David Saunders recently shared with us, at any rate! And turning it into a street rod might well have saved it from the crusher. Cool car!