CC Capsule: Monday Morning Rarities – Cobra Daily Driver

Cobra rep1

By their nature kit cars are never going to be very common, but I was impressed to see a Cobra replica being used as a daily driver, rain or shine!  It does stand out a bit doesn’t it?

Cobra replica

Last year I was working in a different area from normal, and driving down one of the main roads on several different days I saw this purple Cobra.  I imagine the hardtop helps with the rain, but what about the lack of side windows?  Otherwise, why not I suppose…

Cobra rep 3

It is not completely unknown to see a Cobra replica in peak hour traffic, but I don’t often get the chance to (have my passenger) photograph them.

1965 AC Shelby Cobra 427 rear

How do I know they aren’t real Cobras you might ask?  Well they only built something like 260 of the 427 Cobras with the wide body (that is most often copied) for the street, plus a few more race cars, and originals are worth millions.  It is not impossible that they could see some street time but rather unlikely given there can only be a handful in Australia – the above one was at the 2014 Motoclassica show.

Cobra Phillip Island

They are more often seen on race tracks, such as here rounding Siberia corner at the Phillip Island historics in March 2014.  The name of the corner refers to how the weather frequently is, with the wind blowing directly from the Antarctic.  Incidentally, still no side windows, just wind deflectors!  Clearly the hardtop on this car is much less practical for day-to-day use too, covering much of the original trunk opening…

Anyway, driving a Cobra to work (preferably on a nice day!) has to be good for your mental health.  Would you dare?


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