CC Challenge – A Camaro . . . with wheelcovers?

Our last challenge here at CC was The Great Vega Hunt – a challenge for one of our intrepid photographers to locate a Vega still running on its original engine.  That challenge remains semi-active with a few candidates located over the years (here), (here) and (here), though most likely having an asterisk or two when it comes to a strict application of the rules.

Today we move on to our next phase – an early Gen2 Camaro equipped with factory-style wheel covers.

On my recent CC find, I noted that I found it odd that a 1970 Camaro would be restored with a vinyl roof – something terribly uncool in 2019) but still be sporting aftermarket wheels.

The Chevrolet brochure and advertising for the car showed plenty of them with one of two styles of wheelcover – the cheap style assigned the RPO number of PO1 in Chevrolet’s ordering system . . .

and the ritzy optional PO2 version.

It struck me as I was searching out pictures that those wheelcovers were liberally depicted in period advertising but absolutely not in real life, at least the kind of real life that shows up in Google photo searches.

The 1970-73 Camaro has, it seems, become too cool for wheel covers.  Or is it wheelcovers?  Pictures online seem to breakdown roughly into halves – half of the cars online have aftermarket wheels of a bazillion varieties.

The other half use Chevrolet stuff.  But that Chevrolet stuff is virtually all the various types of alloy/Rally wheel styles that appeared on various Chevy models from the era of muscle.

OK, with a smattering of steelie/poverty cap cars out there for a little spice.

Wheelcovers?  In two full pages of search results I found precisely *one* car with the basic PO1 wheel cover – a peanut butter gold car that also sported a black vinyl roof.  This, folks, is what most 1970 Camaros probably actually looked like.

For what it’s worth there are scads of photos online of Mustangs of this era with the cheap, awful looking wheelcovers that most of them came with.  This was in the third line of photos on my screen.

And despite their popularity among Chevrolet marketing types in 1970, I found exactly zero cars photographed and shared online with the PO2 cover.  Admittedly that one looks a little more at home on a Caprice or a fender-skirted Monte Carlo – it actually looks like it might have been cribbed from the Continental Mark III if I might be permitted to speculate.  But Lord help the Camaro restorer who tries to put a set on an early second generation Camaro.

Could it be that the unwritten rules among the cool kids of the classic car world ban them in the way that pocket protectors or plaid Bermuda shorts would have been shunned by Camaro owners in 1970?  Would a PO2-shod Camaro be ostracized by the club and stripped of its “USA-1” license plate?

But perhaps I am being too harsh on Camaro owners, and stock covered Camaro wheels really are to be found out in the world.  So thus is our challenge, CC’ers – find us a stock 1970-73 Camaro with factory style wheelcovers.  Post it here in a comment or to the cohort, but also give me an email heads-up (at so that we can be sure to give the car the exposure it deserves.

So you have your orders.  Go find those cars!