The Great Vega Hunt Limps On: Stock-Looking 1976-77 Vega Hatchback

1976-77 Chevrolet Vega a

Two years ago now, Paul Niedermeyer launched the Great Vega Hunt, a quest to find a beater Chevy Vega still powered by the 2300 inline four. Examples didn’t exactly flood in; it took more than a year for this ’73 notchback to turn up. Could I have at last unearthed another?

1976-77 Chevrolet Vega b

Who knows. This car was parked on private property in a neighborhood I didn’t know very well – it felt especially unwise to go trespassing to find out. Anything could be under that hood. But this car’s daily driver condition (oof, that dent had to smart) does offer some hope that an original 2300 engine still provides the power. Of course, for ’76 that engine received some improvements meant to dispel its poor reliability reputation, and was rechristened “Dura-built 140.” The Vega’s body was also made more resistant to rust, and the car received chassis, brake, and suspension upgrades from the Monza.

1976-77 Chevrolet Vega c

This is a lifelong Indianapolis-area car, given its Bud Wolf Chevrolet badge. And this car proudly wears two stickers that were so, so common in central Indiana back in the day: one for the Amoco Motor Club, and one that proudly announces “I heart WIBC.” You remember the AM station in your town that used to play music meant not to offend your grandmother and always had news at the top of the hour? That was WIBC.

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