CC (Classic Classifieds): Dude, Eugene, Oregon, Thursday, January 17, 1991


My roommate and his bride-to-be are buying a house, thanks in part to the proceeds from the sale of his beloved 1972 Ford LTD, which sold to a German man who read this article.  The first, and ongoing, task before moving in is, well, moving the late owner’s possessions out.  Ever seen those “reality” shows about hoarders?

Most of the “collection” of stuff in the house and storage unit has been dealt with by taking it to the dump or taking it to Goodwill.  One item of interest I found amongst the rubbish was an entire Register Guard newspaper from the day Operation Desert Storm began against Iraq.  I got to the classified section and was immediately interested in the car ads, and knew a CC post was is the making, so here goes.


I’ve mentioned before how little of a true car nut I am compared to probably all the readers and writers on this site.  Here’s a perfect illustration:  I searched Eugene Craigslist for an 86 Yugo 98 Regency before realizing the error of this ad.  I couldn’t wait to see a two-tone Yugo with an all leather interior.  Anyway, there are currently no Yugos on local Craigslists.


Of the six Dodge cars listed, five were Daytonas.  Like the Yugo, there are no Daytonas on local Craigslists.


Pretty aggressive ad campaign by Dodge.  To see how successful Dodge was, I will turn to Craigslist.

There are currently five Shadows for sale on surrounding Craigslists.  Since the Shadow was available from 87 thru 94, searching comparable Civics turns up dozens and dozens.  Look here if you wish.




No contact info, so I googled “GR’s auto Eugene Oregon” and nothing relevant was found, so they’re long gone.


Just one year older and $10,795 cheaper than the Official CC Project Jag!


I had no idea the Sonata name went back so far.  Lots of recent ones turn up for sale but no old ones, and not a single Excel was to be found.  I remember test driving an Excel at Paul’s (no relation) Auto Sales in Coos Bay, Oregon when my dad and I were shopping for my first car.  There was standing water on floor of the front passenger seat, and numerous other problems.  Dad’s mechanic strongly advised against anything Hyundai, and we wisely followed that advice (he said nearly the same thing about a K-car we took to him).


Now HERE is something up my alley.  I’ve had a thing for old Celicas since I drove a 76 GT for three years in the late ’90s.  The prices in this ad aren’t far off, if at all, from current market values on well-kept Celicas.


Here’s a 79 Mark V in Monroe for $4,995.  Perhaps the same one?  I could try calling that number…

Here are the complete scans.  Click for full size and shop away!