Help Wanted: CC Contributors, No Experience Required

It’s time to find us some fresh blood at CC, as the influx of fresh material has been drooping a wee bit lately. It’s summer time, and many of our existing contributors are perhaps naturally feeling a wee bit of fatigue. I know I am. But I also know there’s a number of you out there that have things to share and contribute, but just haven’t taken the dive yet. And I know probably why.

Undoubtedly the main reason is folks tend to think that it’s somehow harder than it actually is, and that they might not have the requisite skills. We’re not expecting you to write the automotive “War and Peace”. Just share something with us from the wide range of topics CC covers. Keep it simple, if you like. many of the comments you all leave are good enough to be a post. Just add some pictures…

Speaking of, I’ve revised the CC Writer’s Guide with a much simpler set of step-by-step instructions on creating a post in CC. The old one might have been off-putting. It’s actually very easy. That may have been another hurdle. Don’t let it be.

If you can write a comment or post pictures on Facebook or such, you can do it here too. Just let me know via an email at curbsideclassic(at) or use the Contact Form, and I’ll give you access. You need to be registered with CC and give me your username.