Where Did Today’s 1975 Malibu CC Go? In the Trash

My apologies; I’ve been very busy working outside taking advantage of our first sunny spring weather. Meaning, I didn’t check this morning’s CC, which was supposedly about this “1975 Malibu” that had been mislabeled as a 1976 at the Cohort. The whole gist of the articles was an explanation of why it was really a 1975.

Except that it wasn’t. The grille is obviously from a 1974 Malibu. Any quick check of a brochure our our own archives would have made that instantly obvious.

Here’s a genuine 1975 Malibu from our archives, as written up by Jason Shafer. Its grille has nine vertical bars, unlike the ’74’s Mercedes-style grille with horizontal bars.

Here’s the proof, as if it was needed.

And here’s a 1974.

One can’t always assume a Google Image Search will be spot on, but it’s so easy to find ads and brochures online that there’s really no excuse for a mistake like this.

I once gave TTAC a hard time here because a contributor there mistook a Dart for a Volare. Ok; that’s a lot more egregious. But we pride ourselves on our batting average. And because the whole post was about proving that it was a ’75, there was no way for me to correct it. To the trash it had to go.

My apologies. I take full responsibility.