Vintage Motor Life Review: 1960 Ford Falcon – The Resurrection of the Model A


The author took a two day round trip from LA to Monterey, going up via 101 and returning via Hwy 1. The Falcon was pleasant at speed, with a good albeit slightly firm ride, and was deemed to be quiet inside. But as noted in the road test, passing power was very limited, and required patience. The result was excellent fuel economy, averaging 27 mpg for the whole trip.

But the trunk came in for more brutal criticism; their single Pullman suitcase would not fit, and had to be carried in the back seat!


On the return trip via curvy Hwy 1, the Falcon’s handling was again noted as being superior to the typical large sedans of the time. There’s no question that a light compact was going to be easier to navigate through these sections than a big sedan. But parking lot maneuvering was not so good, due to the slow and somewhat heavy steering at low speeds.

Overall, the Falcon acquitted itself well enough. Henry Ford would have been pleased. Or maybe not. No trying to guess his mercurial moods.


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