Vintage Postcards: 1957 and 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood 75’s With Their Proud Chauffeurs


Here’s a proud chauffeur with his new steed. I’m suddenly remembering an article I read in the early ’70s at the library in PM or such, about a ’57 Cadillac 75 limo that had racked up over 500,000 miles; or was it 300,000? I can’t remember exactly, probably the latter, but in either case, it was quite unusual at the time. The owner-operator of the car service maintained it meticulously (obviously). Nowadays, that’s hardly eye-opening, especially for a commercial vehicle.

Here’s a ’67 with an also-proud chauffeur. The postcard was issued by Westchester Cadillac Limousine Service, who offered “Chauffeured Air Conditioned Cadillacs” “for that special occasion”.