Vintage Snapshot: Kenworth Hauling Lumber On Foggy 101 In 1973

This is a highly evocative snapshot, taken somewhere on 101 in 1973. That’s just one year after my epic two-month long hitchhiking trip up the California coast on Hwys 1 and 101. The big log and lumber trucks made a big impression on me, hauling giant single redwood logs, almost invariably a Kenworth or Peterbilt, the West Coast’s own trucks, which were then just beginning to be seen in the East.

This is a typically foggy day, which occurs most often in the mid-May to mid-August period, as the spring north winds blow the warmer surface water away, causing the cold deep Pacific water to well up to the surface. When the moist milder ocean air hits that cold water, it condenses, causing the fog. Unfortunately, way too many tourists don’t know that the mildest weather along the West Coast is in the spring, fall and even winter.

Speaking of, we’re sitting at our place in Port Orford on Sunday morning, and the temperature is in the high 70s, which is extremely unusual, due to the massive heat bubble all over the West Coast. It’s supposed to top 80 here today. Whew! But the fog is supposed to roll in tonight and the forecast for tomorrow is for a high of 59. That’s more like it!