American Brands – Chrysler

The following are full-length Curbside Classic features. For other Chrysler Corp. cars covered at CC, use the “Search Curbside Classic” on the upper right side of the front page.


1946 Town & Country Sedan: A Slave To Fashion And Varnish  Paul N

1947 Town & Country Sedan: The Termite Taxi  (Cohort Sighting, Companion Piece to the 1946 T&C)  Paul N

1953 Chrysler Imperial    Jim Cavanaugh

1955 New Yorker Deluxe St. Regis: How’s That For A Long Name?

1955 New Yorker Deluxe: Look Like A Hundred Million Bucks    Jim Cavanaugh

1956 Chrysler Windsor Town & Country: You’ve Come A Long Way

1957 New Yorker

1960 Saratoga Sedan: Forward Fini

1961 New Yorker Town & Country   Tom Klockau

1962 Chrysler 300 Sport: Funny Face

1963 New Yorker: Virgil Exner Comes Full Circle (with some help?)

1964 300K : Smile When You Say K Car     Jim Cavanaugh

1964 Sedan Deville Four Door Hardtop: Every Car Has a Story, But Some Are Just Better Than Others

1965 Chrysler New Yorker   Aaron65

1965 Chrysler New Yorker Town Sedan: The Better Last Great Chrysler?  Robert Kim

1965 Newport Coupe: Two Grizzled Old Toughs

1966 Chrysler Newport: Camelot Comes To Highland Park   Perry Shoar

1966 Chrysler Windsor: The Best Bad Decision I Ever Made  BigOldChryslers

1967 Chrysler 300: Requiem for the Big American Sportscar

1968 300 Coupe: Elwood’s Designs Were Jake

1968 Newport   Jason Shafer

1969 Chrysler 300:  Tokyo Leviathan  Jim Brophy

1971 New Yorker     Tom Klockau

1972 Newport Royale: Cool As Spearmint Certs   J. Dennis

1974 Chrysler Newport: Sorry, Please Play Again  JP Cavanaugh

1975 Newport Custom – A New Yorker In Summer Clothes  Brendan Saur

1976 Cordoba: Fine Corinthian Brougham

1977 Newport St. Regis – Old Soldier

1977 Cordoba Sin Cuero Corintio  Robert Kim

1978 Cordoba: The Fine Little Chrysler

1979 Newport: B Plus C Equals R

1979 Newport – A Like-New Newport in Portland  Brendan Saur

1979 New Yorker: Chrysler’s Deadly Sin #3 – The Rolling Coffin

1980 LeBaron: A Car (and a Company) In Transition

1981 Cordoba LS   Brendan Saur

1981 Chrysler Cordoba LS – All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go (Part 1)  Joseph Dennis

1981 Chrysler Cordoba LS – Introducing Darlene (Part 2)  Joseph Dennis

1981 Newport    Jason Shafer

1981 New Yorker: Failure Can Be Beautiful  Brendan Saur

1983 Chrysler E-Class: Not Passing for Luxury  Jim Grey

1984 Executive Limousine: The Ultimate Eighties Folly-Mobile

1985-89 LeBaron GTS: Hatchback Setbacks   William Stopford

1985 New Yorker: ReinKarnation

1986 Chrysler LeBaron: Have A Cup Of CAFE

1986 Chrysler Le Baron Town & Country Wagon (Capsule)

1986 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country Turbo Wagon  Perry Shoar

1986 Chrysler LeBaron Sedan – I’ll Have The Burgundy  Joseph Dennis

1986 LeBaron T&C Convertible: Some Things Just Don’t Translate

1989 Chrysler’s TC by Maserati: The Chairman Has Gone Krazy  Brendan Saur

1989 Chrysler’s TC By Maserati: The Deadly Sin Of Pretentious Overreaching

1989 Chrysler’s TC By Maserati: Jackpot!  Joseph Dennis

1990 Town & Country: What Happened To My Wagon?

1990 New Yorker Salon   Jason Shafer

1991 New Yorker: Paging Bill Blass

1992 Fifth Avenue: The End Of Mopar’s Broughamance

1992 LeBaron Convertible: Take Your Top Off, Sweetie

1992 New Yorker Salon  Tom Klockau

1994 Chrysler LHS: The (Belated) Graduation Gift

1996 Chrysler LHS: Lost Hopeless Soul   Brendan Saur

1996-2000 Chrysler “NS” Minivans: The Culmination Of Nineties Chrysler  Brendan Saur

1998 Cirrus LXi: Head In The Clouds  Brendan Saur

1998 Town & Country SX: Voyaging Downward  Brendan Saur

2002 Sebring LXi: Fading Hope Brendan Saur

2003 Concorde Limited: The LH’s Last Hurrah  Brendan Saur

2004-2008 Pacifica  William Stopford

2005 Sebring Coupe: A Mitsubishi In All But Name  Brendan Saur

2007-2009 Aspen: A Modern Tribute To Lido  Brendan Saur

2015 Chrysler 200 (Driving Impressions)  Brendan Saur


1953 DeSoto   PN

1957 Firesweep: Curbside Service

1958 Fireflite: The Forward Look Falls Flat On Its Face

1960 Adventurer Sedan: Late Life Adventures


1941 Business Coupe: Dodge Gives America The Business

1949 Dodge Special DeLuxe: What The Plodge? (Canadian Version)

1959 Coronet Sedan: Chrome, Fins, And More Chrome

1959 Coronet Police Car   Jason Shafer

1961 & 1962 Lancer/GT: How Are We Going To Make You A Little Less Weird?

1963 Custom 880: The One That Got Away

1963 Dart GT:  A Six Pack of a Different Kind    Paul N

1963 Dodge Dart Pickup  Jason Shafer

1964 Dart 270:  The Valiant Brougham   Paul N

1965 Coronet 500 Hardtop Coupe: Family Carma

1965 Dart GT: The Elemental MoPar

1966 Coronet 500 – This B-Body Earns an A

1966 Monaco 500 Hardtop    Paul N

1967 A-100 Van: What Are You Doing Here, Eugene

1967 Charger: Chrysler’s Marlin

1967 Coronet R/T Convertible (Capsule)

1967 Dodge Polara: Substance Over Style  Perry Shoar

1968 Dodge Charger Six: Rarer Than A Hemi Charger  Paul N

1968 Dodge Charger R/T–The Most Beautiful Car Of The Muscle Car Era?   Aaron65

1968 Dart 270 Sedan: Which Old Folks Remember As A POS

1968 Coronet 500 Coupe: My Youthful Desire

1969 Coronet 440: Bread And Butter B-Body

1970 Challenger: The Life Of The Party

1970 Challenger: Vanishing Paint

1970 Charger R/T:  Magnum Patina  Paul N

1972-74 Challenger “R/T”: Not Quite The Same  William Stopford

1972 Charger: The End Of An Era

1972 Dart (Mexico)

1973 Coronet: Bi-Directional, Twin-440 Powered Experimental Police Pursuit

1973 Dodge Challenger Ralleye – No Need To Frown  Joseph Dennis

1974 Dart Custom: “A Body” Tends To Stay In Motion

1974 Charger SE: Let’s Turn A Muscle Car Into A Brougham   Tom Klockau

1974 Charger SE:  Context Is Everything   Jason Shafer

1976 Royal Monaco: Gone, And Forgotten

1976 Aspen  Chrysler’s Deadly Sin #1   Paul N

1978 Aspen Wagon: Defying Expectations Since The Carter Administration

1978-79 Magnum & 1980-83 Mirada  William Stopford

1978 Monaco: Dark Days For Dodge  Paul Niedermeyer

1978 Omni: Detroit Finally Builds a Proper Small Car   Paul N

1979 to 1981 Dodge St. Regis  Jason Shafer

1980 Dodge Aspen: Rock Bottom And Loving It  Perry Shoar

1980 Dodge Diplomat Coupe – The Winter Of Dodge’s Discontent – Joseph Dennis

1981 Challenger: That Thing Does Got A Hemi

1982 400: Dodge Does Not Do Personal Luxury

1982 Dodge Rampage: No Thanks; We Like Our Pickups Large   PN

1982 Dodge Rampage – A Forgotten Page In The Ram’s History (Outtake)  Brendan Saur

1983 600: E-Class With Less Class  William Stopford

1983 Dodge Aries K: The K-Car Saves Chrysler  Paul N

1984 Caravan: Chrysler Hits a Grand Slam Homer   Paul N

1984 Shelby Charger    Jason Shafer

1985 Dodge Diplomat  Jason Shafer

1986 Daytona: The Un-Boxy K

1986 Omni: Brighter Days Are On The Horizon  Brendan Saur

1986 Dodge Ram Pickup: Not Exactly The Cobra In the Barn  Jim Klein

1987 Daytona Shelby Z: Baby Steps  Brendan Saur

1987 Shelby Lancer: Special K  Perry Shoar

1987 Diplomat SE: Absolution Granted

1989 Caravan Turbo: Desperate Measure

1989 Dodge Ramcharger LE: Mopar Joins The 4X4 Craze

1994 Grand Caravan – This Is How We Do It, Nineties Style  Brendan Saur

1994 Dodge RAM2500 Cummins Diesel  Bigoldchryslers

1994 Shadow: Something For Everyone, Everything For No One

1995 Intrepid: This Changes Everything

1995 Neon Sport Coupe: Say Hi…To Dashed Expectations

2001 Viper GTS – Yes, You Heard Correctly (My CC)

Dodge Goes Global: Taking A Plastic Fork To A Knife Fight

Dodge Truck

WM300 Power Wagon: Immortality Attained

1952 B Series Panel Truck: Work In A Pilot House

1954 V8 Job-Rated Truck: That Thing Got A Hemi?

1965 D200 Crew Cab: A Big, Basic Bruiser Of A Truck With A Slant Six

1967 D-200 Camper Special: We’re Number Three So We Try Harder, Dude!

1970 Dodge A108 Corey Cruiser High-Roof Camper Conversion   Paul N

1974 Club Cab Pickup: Another Dodge First, Not That It Helped All That Much

1975 Ramcharger: Dodge Charges Ahead of Ford For A Change

1975 Power Wagon: A (Sort Of) Civilized Outdoorsman

1978 Dodge TransVan   Paul N

1978 Dodge Diesel Pickup (Automotive History)  Paul N

1979 D100 Van: Is It The Real Thing?

1987 Ram 250: The Best $400 I Ever Spent (Curbside Beater)

1989 Ramcharger LE: Mopar Joins The 4×4 Craze

1990 Dakota Li’ Red Express

1990 Ram Radio Flyer: The Big Red Wagon


1990 Talon TSi AWD – The Eagle Has Landed  Brendan Saur

1993 Vision ESi – DeSoto 2.0  James Cavanaugh

1997 Vision ESi – The Blind Leading The Blind  Brendan Saur


1956 Imperial Southampton Two-Door Hardop: Stunning in Pink  Brendan Saur

1959 Imperial: I Don’t Care, I Love It  Robert Kim

1962 Imperial Crown Convertible Coupe: For Those Who Want Attention And Exclusivity  Brendan Saur

1963 Imperial Crown Four-Door Hardtop: America’s Most Carefully Built Car  Brendan Saur

1963 Imperial Custom Four-Door: The Imperial Battleship

1964 Imperial: I Don’t Hate You, I Nothing You  Robert Kim

1967 Imperial Crown Coupe: Ode To My First Curbside Classic (Capsule)  Brendan Saur

1968 Imperial Convertible: Fall back, Men, Fall Back!

1972 Imperial LeBaron Hardtop Sedan – Rolling Manhattan, Extra Dry  Joseph Dennis

1973 Imperial LeBaron: My Curbside Classic

1973 Imperial LeBaron by Chrysler: Those Were The Days, My Friend  Tom Klockau

Fender Blades On A Fuselage: Styling Analysis Of The 1973 Imperial By Chrysler

1975 Imperial LeBaron Coupe: The Last One Worthy Of Its Name

1981 Imperial by Chrysler: It’s Your Time: Or Not


1945 Willys Jeep MB: The Icon Of Freedom

1947 Willys CJ-2A Jeep: The Universal

1950 Jeepster: Another Brooks Stevens Beauty

1951 Willys Truck: The Antidote To Modern Life

Jeep CJ-5    Robert Kim

1965 Jeep Gladiator J2000 – Holy Toledo!  JPCavanaugh

1965 Gladiator J3000: The Truck of the Future  Paul N

1967 and 1972 Jeepster Commando: Jeep Gets Stuck

1967 Commando: Rough and Ready

1979 Cherokee: I Love Bacon (CC Capsule)

1982 Jeep DJ-5 Dispatcher: Still Delivering The Mail After 30 Years  Robert Kim

1984 Cherokee: AMC’s Greatest Hit Thanks To Renault  Paul N

Jeep Cherokee — The American Global Classic  Robert Kim

1984-91 Wagoneer: Social Climber   William Stopford

1986-1992 Jeep Comanche: It Coulda Been A Contender

Commanche: The Case Of The Missing Extended Cab

1989 Grand Wagoneer  Jim Cavanaugh

1994 Grand Cherokee Laredo: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, Then It Probably Is (COAL) Brendan Saur

1995 Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition: Explorer Eddie Bauers Are Just So Ordinary  Brendan Saur

1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo: Rotor Eater (COAL)  Brendan Saur


1936 Plymouth: I Can Take It For A Spin?

1947 Plymouth Coupe Deluxe: Picking Up Where They Left Off  Perry Shoar

1950 All-Steel Wagon: The First Modern Wagon (Photos by CC Cohort Davo)

1951 Cranbrook: Automotive Immortality

1952 Cranbrook Belvedere Hartop Coupe: Does This Make My Butt Look Smaller?   PN

1953 Plymouth Cranbrook – What The Hell Else Can You Do With A ’53 Plymouth  Jason Shafer

1954 Savoy    Brendan saur

1955 Belvedere Suburban: Suddenly It’s…1956

The Elusive 1955 Savoy

1957 Belvedere: Truly The Star Of The Forward Look

1959 Plymouth Fury: Love Transcends Reason

1959 Plymouth Fury – Hijacked  Jason Shafer

1960 Fury: What Planet Are YOU From?

1960 Valiant: No, It’s Not a Plymouth Yet   Tom Klockau

1961 – 1962 Valiant: No One’s Kid Brother

1962 Fury: If You Think This Is Bad

1963 Belvedere: Continental Class At The End Of Camelot

1963 Valiant: When The Curious Looking Get Self Conscious, Conform

1964 Plymouth Fury Convertible – Bridging the Great Divide   Aaron65

1965 Barracuda: Better Than A Mustang In Horse Country

1965 Sport Fury Convertible: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

1965 Plymouth Valiant V-200–When Did I Start Noticing A-Bodies?   Aaron65

1965 Valiant Wagon With Over 400K Miles: The Ultimate Roach?

Nine Reasons to Buy a 1966 Plymouth Belvedere   Aaron65

1967 VIP: Very Important Plymouth or Footnote to the Great Brougham Epoch?

1968 Valiant V200   Jim Grey

1968 Barracuda Formula 340: The Worst Selling But Best Pony Car Of 1968  PN

1969 Fury: Somewhere West Of Ogallala

1970 Valiant: Edna Gets Her Car Tuned-Up

1970 Barracuda Gran Coupe   Tom Klockau

1970 Valiant Duster – My Dad And His Plymouth Duster, Two Foreigners In GM-Land  Joseph Dennis

1971 Fury III    Brendan Saur

1971 Road Runner: Sherwood Be Nice

1972 Duster 340: The Speed Freak

1972 Scamp: A Tasty Little Number

1972 Fury Suburban   Paul N

1972 Satellite Sebring Plus: Prologue To The B-Body Brougham?  Brendan Saur

1973 Satellite Sebring Plus: Haven’t I Heard That Name Before?

1973 Fury Coupe    Paul N

1973 Plymouth Fury  Jason Shafer

1974 Gold Duster: There’s Gold In Them Thar Hips

1974 Duster (CC Capsule)

1974-77 Gran Fury: Struck By Oil   William Stopford

1974 Satellite Custom: Almost Our Thanksgiving Turkey

1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus – Satellite of Love  Joseph Dennis

1975 Gran Fury: Bad Timing (Capsule)

1975 Plymouth Road Runner: Big Bird  Perry Shoar

1976 Valiant Brougham: Least Likely Brougham

1976 Volare:  Chrysler’s Deadly Sin #1    Paul N

Plymouth Volare — Glamor Shots  Robert Kim

1977 Plymouth Arrow GS: Celeste Before the Fire  Dave Skinner

1978 Fury (ex Cop car): I’d Recognize That Shape A Half-Mile Away

1978 Horizon: Detroit Finally Builds a Proper Small Car   Paul N

1978 Sapporo: Stayin’ Alive

1979 Horizon TC3

1983 Plymouth Reliant: The Lioness Feeds Tonight

1986 Caravelle  Jason Shafer

1987 Caravelle SE

1987-1994 Sundance: Opposites Attract  Brendan Saur

1992-94 Sundance Duster William Stopford

1994 Acclaim

1994 Sundance: Something For Everyone, Everything For No One

1995 & 2000 First & Second Generation Plymouth Neons – A Parallel-Parked Pair Of Purple Plymouths  Joseph Dennis

1997 Neon: Brightening Up The Compact Class  Brendan Saur

1997-2001 Prowler: Suddenly it’s 1957  (Future Classic)  Gerardo Solis

1997 Voyager Rallye: Split Personality Disorder

1999 Breeze   Brendan Saur


1987 Shelby Lancer Perry Shoar


CC Colt Chronicles, Part 1: 1971-1973 Dodge Colt – Chrysler Goes Shopping In Japan  Paul N

CC Colt Chronicles, Part 2: 1974-1977 Dodge Colt – The Colt Gets Americanized  Paul N

CC Colt Chronicles, Part 3: 1978 Dodge Colt – The Little Colt  Dave Skinner

CC Colt Chronicles, Part 4: 1978-1981 Dodge Colt Station Wagon  Paul N

CC Colt Chronicles, Part 5: 1979-1983 Dodge Colt and Plymouth Champ/Colt – New Construction  Paul N

CC Colt Chronicles, Part 6: 1984-1991 Colt Vista Wagon – Mitsubishi Invents A New Category of Vehicle  Paul N

CC Colt Chronicles, Part 7: 1985 Colt – Eight Bit Origami  Perry Shoar

CC Colt Chronicles, Part 8: 1989 Colt – Peak and Decline  Perry Shoar

CC Colt Chronicles, Part 10: 1993 Colt – Death Of A Pony, Birth Of A Legend  Perry Shoar

Most Obscure Special Editions & Forgotten Limited-Run Models

Mopar Edition, Part 1

Mopar Edition, Part 2

Mopar Edition, Part 3