CC Capsule: 1987-88 Cadillac Coupe DeVille – Age Mellows a Man

I’ve been writing for Curbside Classic off and on for a little more than seven years now. (Mostly off lately; life’s been a little crazy.) As I look back, I see that I’ve done hit jobs on a number of cars: this Farimont, this LeSabre, this Satellite, and especially this Regal, just for starters. I guess I’m more curmudgeonly than I wish to admit. Based on my track record, you’d think I was inking up my poison pen for this Coupe DeVille, as it is a shadow of Coupes DeVille of the past. But nope.

I’m not going to heap praise on it, either. But as middle age has mellowed me, and as this car appears out of the blue well out of the context of its time, I look at it with fresh eyes. And I kind of like it.

It looks like a well-cared-for survivor. It might still be on its first owner! It was, after all, late on a Sunday morning and parked in front of a breakfast-and-lunch place filled with the post-church crowd, many of whom were of an age where a car like this would have been appealing. My youngest son and I dined there after sleeping in super late – we had traveled to suburban Chicago to see thrash-metal gods Slayer play a date on their farewell tour. That sentence probably makes this article the only one on the entire Internet that links Cadillac to Slayer.

Even the interior is in good condition. I’ll bet this car’s miles are ultra low. I know not the slightest about this generation DeVille’s reliability. But if I found one like this within spitting distance of, say, $3000, it would make a quirky but comfortable daily driver until I used it up.

These composite headlamps and this grille treatment identify this car as being from 1987 or 1988. It’s looking very good for its 30+ years.