CC Capsule: 1991 Saab 900 – The Quintessential Saab

91Saab CC1

Given that all subsequent Saabs were built on platforms shared with other brands, the Saab 900 may well be considered the last “true” Saab. It represents the culmination of the classic Saab style, with its swept-back windshield, fastback, giant hatch and longitudinal engine orientation. No wonder that this one is in such great shape still; lovers of these cars know there will never be a true replacement for them.

91Saab CC2

I spotted this 900 in the same parking lot where I found its 9-4X relative not too long ago. While it’s a very similar car to the 1992 900S that Jim Grey showed us last year, this pristine Saab was just too perfect to pass up. Whereas the boxier 9000 was somewhat of a design departure for Saab, the 900’s design was a direct evolution of styling that dated back to the Saab 99 of in 1968, and even hints at the original Saab 92 of 1949. Left largely unchanged over its relatively long sixteen-years (1979-1994), the “Classic 900”, as it’s come to be known, helped expand Saab’s loyal owner base in the U.S.

91Saab CC3

Unlike Jim Grey’s 900S, this example is a simpler base-model 900. Its combination of headlight washers, driver’s side airbag, and 24-spoke wheel covers lead me to say with confidence that this is a 1991. The “16-Valve” trunk badge identifies the naturally-aspirated 2.1L under the hood.

91Saab CC4

In his recent sighting of an earlier-model 900, Paul commented on how rare these “Classic” 900s are becoming. That’s certainly the case where I live. However, one of the things that I’ve noticed over the years is that Saab owners tend to hold on to their cars for a long time and take care of them. I have a strong feeling that this 900 is a one-owner car, based on some observations.

First of all, its female driver appeared old enough to have had a driver’s license in 1991. It also features one of the green Massachusetts license plates, which were last issued in the previous millennium. Finally, there’s its vintage-looking “Shaw Saab” dealer badge on the rear. Shaw Saab was located about two miles up the road from where I found this car; it’s now Herb Chambers Lexus. I could be wrong, but there’s no doubt that this 900 is in loving hands, and will hopefully grace our streets for many more years.

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