Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1965 Pontiac Strato Chief Two-Door Six-Cylinder Sedan – It Could Only Happen in Canada

posted at the Cohort by Dean Edwards

Finding a ’65 Catalina 2-door sedan is rare, but a Star Strato Chief! No such thing, but then as soon as I looked at this car I realized that we’re looking at a Cheviac: meaning a Canadian-built Pontiac sitting on a 119″ Chevrolet frame and with Chevy drive train and other chassis bits. 283/Powerglide, if I had to bet. Or was the six cylinder still available in 1965? Now that would be cool, with a three on the tree (Update: it does have the 230 six).


The shorter body (at the rear) as well as mighty small tires make this look a wee bit emasculated from the proud big Ponchos on this side of the border. It’s the ultimate anti 2+2.  And makes a nice contrast to the genuine Executive we posted earlier.

1965 Catalina COAL

1965 Bonneville Limousine COAL