CC Global: DAF CF 480 FAD And LF 290 FA Construction – 8×4 Is Twice As Heavy As 4×2

Under the name of the Construction-series, DAF offers a line of heavy-duty chassis-cabs, developed and built for the construction business. These are trucks that have to go off-road frequently, transporting heavy loads. I caught two of them recently, a CF 8×4 and its smaller family member, an LF 4×2.

Across Europe, traditional 8×4 truck chassis with a day cab are highly common. These are offered by all European manufacturers and are mainly used as the underpinnings for dump trucks and concrete mixer trucks. Such chassis are also often equipped with any type of container roll-on/roll-off system (hook-lift, chains, cables).

This 2017 CF Construction demo truck has a Meiller dump bed. Meiller is a Munich-based family business, dating back to 1850. The truck is powered by the 12.9 liter MX-13 engine, 480 hp.

Standard CF vs CF Construction. Thanks to its straight front axles, the Construction gets much more ground clearance. It also has a steel bumper, in three separate easy-to-replace parts, and a steel skid plate to protect the radiator.

In the Netherlands, this 8×4 is rated at a legal maximum gross weight of 37,000 kg (81,571 lbs). That’s the sum of the maximum axle loads, from front to back: 9,000 kg – 9,000 kg – 9,500 kg – 9,500 kg. Front axles with a 10 metric tons rating are also available.

The CF Construction is also offered as a 6×4 and 10×4 chassis. The latter (GVM 49 metric tons) gets a third steering axle, which is also liftable. The axle conversion is done by the Estepe company. The rear tandem is the same for all axle configurations.

An 8×4 chassis with a powerful engine is of course also ideal to tow a heavy drawbar trailer. Such dump trucks are often hooked up to a low bed trailer for transporting heavy machinery.

Now to the CF’s cute little brother, the LF Construction.

The LF-series is DAF’s lightest truck model. The tilt cab is an example of cab sharing at its finest, as it’s also used by Renault (D-series), Volvo (FL-series), Kenworth (K270 and K370) and Peterbilt (220-series). As far as I know, all cabs are built by Renault.

The 290 hp, 2017 LF 4×2 dump truck gets its power from the 6.7 liter PX-7 engine. Developed and built by Cummins. That sounds familiar? Our man in the field, Jim Klein, drove a RAM 3500 with the same power unit under its hood.

Unlike the RAM 3500, the DAF is completely unsuitable as a plush Family Truck(ster). On the other hand, the DAF does have a GVM-rating of 19,000 kg (41,888 lbs). Serious business in this truck segment!

Yet another Meiller product, a three-way dump bed in this case.

The truck’s payload capacity is 11,485 kg (25,320 lbs). That’s around 7.7 m³ (272 ft³) of dry sand…

…so now you can calculate how many wheel barrow rides that are. Pictured an 80 liter Ford Fort (excessive overloading is no issue), just a randomly chosen starting point.

Greetings from the PACCAR-family. From the US, a Kenworth T680 and a Peterbilt 579.

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