CC Global: Off For The Weekend – Three Different Stages Of Construction

2019 Scania S500 4x2 tractor

Industrial areas aren’t exactly known for their marvelous architecture or views. Rather desolate places they are, especially during weekends. Strolling around last Saturday yielded three interesting finds though, in less than 20 minutes. All heavily involved in the construction industry.

2017 Pacton quad axle semi-trailer - 1

Starting with a 2019 Scania S500 4×2 tractor and a 2017 Pacton quad axle flatbed semi-trailer. A quintessential brick hauler, with its tall dropsides and diesel powered Kennis rolloader crane.

Besides bricks, such combinations are also used to carry (roof) tiles and all kinds of concrete end products. Over the past years, I’ve posted many of them, like here and here.

2017 Pacton quad axle semi-trailer - 2

An advantage of a quad axle semi-trailer is that any 4×2 tractor will do to form a 50 tons/110,000 lbs combination, which is the national on-road weight limit. Furthermore, their weight distribution is perfect, especially when transporting partial loads. The Pacton’s third and fourth axle are steering axles (but you already knew that).

Note that the manufacturer rates their semi-trailer at a GVW of 54 tons/119,000 lbs (for the record, that’s without the weight of a tractor). An eight-wheeled brute, with plenty of overloading safety margin. Better show up with something really robust when you want to play in this league of trailers.

2015 Volvo FH 6x2/4 tractor

Over to an earth mover, a 2015 Volvo FH 6×2/4 tractor with a 2015 AJK end dump semi-trailer. The tridem axle set-up with super singles follows the usual Euro-recipe for semi-trailer chassis.

2015 AJK end dump semi-trailer - 1

AJK is a Belgian company, specialized in manufacturing dump bodies for truck chassis and complete (semi-) trailers.

2015 AJK end dump semi-trailer - 2

By the way, the location and the rig’s livery may look familiar.

Dump semis and others at work in this short impression of the Ploegam/De Klein fleet, as posted on YouTube. The company is big in hard infrastructure.

Semi-trailer concrete mixer

The last one of the short tour. Now I don’t know about other parts of the world, but semi-trailer based concrete mixers are highly common around here.

Their drum capacity ranges from 15 to 17 m³ (19.6 to 22.2 yd³). The design and shape of the frame rails indicate that the first and third axle of this semi-trailer are steering axles.

At the front of the chassis, the diesel engine to drive/rotate the big drum. Meanwhile, electric power units have arrived on the market.

2008 Scania R480 6x2/4 tractor

The 2001 concrete mixer, built on a Lako chassis, teamed up with a 2008 Scania R480 6×2/4 tractor. A power combo, drum rolls only on working days though.