CC Outtake: 1973 Vega Kammback – With Original 2300 Engine? Quite Possibly.

Back in 2013, I launched The Great Vega Hunt, or Who Will Find a Genuine CC Running Vega 2300? There have been a number of submissions claiming to have found one, but several were cars for sale on Ebay or such. That’s hardly a genuine CC. Jim Grey did find this one that looks like it likely has its original engine. Were there any others that were genuine CCs, and I forgot?

But I seem to have found a very likely candidate. I first saw this black Kammback in traffic, and then found it parked at dusk in a park. Admittedly, the hood scoop and side exhaust made me quite certain it wasn’t an original-engined Vega at first. But two things now make me think otherwise.


For one, there’s no side pipe on the other side. If this had a V8 or V6 swapped in, there’s no doubt it would have had side pipes on both sides.

And then I saw it on the street again, this time at night. It was pulling away from a stop sign downtown, and the bleat of its single exhaust was quite audible. And to me it sounded just like a tractor engine Vega 2300 four working hard through a slushbox and emitting its result of its labors through that minimal muffler and side pipe. I had not expected that.

I won’t be able to prove it until I encounter it and get a look under its hood. But I think I may have scored.