CC Outtake: 1982 Dodge Rampage – A Forgotten Page In The Ram’s History


My mom and I were getting on the highway this past Sunday when I eyed this Dodge Rampage chugging along in the slow lane. Its driver was probably doing about fifty, causing everyone ahead of us to slam on their brakes as they merged in behind him. My mom pulled around, and flexing her engine’s 302 horsepower, seamlessly glided past, leaving me just enough time to snap a few shots.


For an early-’80s Mopar, this Rampage was surprisingly clean, with little noticeable rust. Aside from the black primer-colored front clip and hood, the white paint appeared original to me. The burgundy interior reinforced this belief. As for those alloy wheels, they were not standard fare for an L-body. I believe they’re from a late-’90s Dodge Neon ACR. This wheel design was also used in a larger size on the 1998-2000 Caravan ES. I wish this car was parked so I could’ve taken some better pictures, but two highway shots will have to do for a car this scarce.