CC Outtake: Service Center Classics, Part Two.


Yes, I know there wasn’t really an official “part one”- unless you want to refer to this post as such. Still, again I happen to visit that Opel service center and as usual, near the place some interesting (not to say evocative) CCs were parked.



This 1997-1999 Deville (also top photo) was interesting for a number of reasons; It looked practically new, it’s very rare in Israel, and also quite fitting that I should find this car at exactly the same place where I found this older, pre-facelifted Deville, on which many of you commented.


I’m not a Cadillac expert, but those wheels do not seem original to me. I couldn’t find any other examples of these by searching Google photos. But what does seem apparent is that they are the same size as the originals, so the rear wheels seem to be swallowed inside the body on this face-lifted open rear arches’ model. It might be the wheels’ design that evokes that in me.


Behind the Caddie was this early 1990s Grand Prix. Clearly not one of these, but than they were very popular in Israel in their day, so it’s inevitable some owners would be loured by their charm… enough to preserve them further up the years.

But the best was yet to come:


A true CC, and perhaps this website’s favorite- a 1989 Caprice. Don’t be fooled by the New York license plate- this is an original import (I can tell by the Israeli plate). This one is obviously being used and not preserved in cotton wool.


Hay, it looks alright for its age- got most if not all of its trim, including the wheel covers. Although it does looks like someone tried to burn off the side mirror. I wonder…

So there you have it. I should visit this place more often. I probably will.